Are you going through life in a sleepwalk??? Just going along with the narrative of what you feel or think you should be doing?? Have you given up on your health or getting out of pain???

Our mind is always set to go to North which is negative, blame, guilt, anger, shame and resentment. It is driven by our unconscious minds. Our unconscious mind is our daily thoughts and habits. It goes back to the elephant and ant story. The elephant is going in one direction, while the ant is trying to lead it in another. The human body will always want to self soothe, self-sabotage and self-destruct. It is supported by most of the things we see, hear and feel in today’s mainstream media society. Getting away from autopilot can be done by having a mindset of abundance. No matter what happens there is always a solution providing we are coming from a place of good health. Health includes your nutrition, sleep, hydration, movement, thoughts and the way we breathe.

Once we become aware of the habits and thinking that does not serve us, we can make better choices. A conscious choice is one that reflects our highest commitment. Do what you said you would do. This has to go in alignment with our goals. Think of the last time when your choice took your further away from your goals. This can be anything form dietary, to saying yes, to exercise. Our unconscious choices are based on conditioning and belief systems.

Health is triggered by being grateful. The Japanese have a concept called ‘arigato’. Arigatou is a stronger feeling of being very thankful. Having gratitude keeps us from telling ourselves negative stories all the time. We waste so much time and energy on the unnecessary. If we want to see change in life , we must take action. The worst thing we can do is be a spectator. We will not see the rewards for spectating by wasting time such as scrolling the phone.

Your mind will always forward to the negative, the disadvantages without a strategy. Your physiology will become what you are focused on. When we get sick, all our systems come into action, automation, delegation and systemisation.

Napololean Hill quote: “Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” Having a burning desire- goal, dream and legacy will light your fire and give you the ability to put your other systems in place. We forget we are behaving everyday from our unconscious habits and choices. These patterns are all based on maps of the past. The results of our life are based on past desires, dreams and thoughts. Our conscious decisions are based on forward thinking and planning. We cannot go East and West at the same time. We do not want to stay superglued to the past.

Is there an area of your life where I have not gotten the results that you wanted in?

What am I knowingly doing that is keeping you on impulsive victim mode? Have the choices you have made limited you from achieving the result. What are you knowingly doing that is preventing you from doing what you said you would do? The choices that you make will determine your future. If you start to ask the right questions, instead of reacting to habit, you will make better decisions that will empower you. I always start clients off with goals, dreams and legacy. Too many times we become superglued to our past and sacrifice our vision, goal and mission and we end up with the same result.

If we are facing the wrong direction, it produces the same results. Be clear on where you want to go, and what you want to achieve. Remember we always have a choice. Will your choice take you towards the end goal or further away? Will this empower or disempower you? All too often we sacrifice outcomes for quick fixes and comfort. This is because we want to avoid discomfort. The longer you wander without purpose and goal. The more lost and unclear you will become. Be committed to arriving at the destination. We need a fixed reference point otherwise we will default to the past

Are you leaving life to impulse and chance? Don’t make decisions on how you feel, look at the results I desire, then ask the right questions.

Does this action make my inner fire roar? Will it make my flame stronger? Does it keep me stuck in my past or propel me forwards. We have mastered the art of thinking our way to where??


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