Do you feel you are star gazing and not making progress in your life, work, relationships or body?

Are you comparing yourself to others instead of focusing on your daily actions, core values, dreams and goals?

Life is like a train pulling all the carriages. The train engine starts slow down the track and then picks up speed and velocity, which equals momentum.

Most importantly when you have a mission, vision or purpose in life, the more you participate or practice, the better you become at that skill or behavioural pattern.  Whatever is your highest value system, you will spontaneously act on it. Whatever is your lowest value in your system you will procrastinate on.

“You don’t get to call yourself an expert until you’ve put in the work” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Your  engine becomes unstoppable because you are inspired without resistance when you are doing something important, meaning the goal gets bigger and bigger. To build momentum, we have to keep to what we value, believe and do what we love doing. We have to have a deep meaningful inspirational purpose that drives us to succeed.

“When you find something that you’re genuinely passionate about, it can make the process of finding a job or career much easier and you become unstoppable” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Go after the thing that you love in your life. Our mission is our highest value, our most spontaneous and natural act. Mine is being a teacher and coach. I love the people who enter my studio. They all bring me a gift and as they transform, it has a trajectory effect on others.

If you are doing something you love, you do not need to be reminded to do it, as you will do it spontaneously. Little boys who play on their video games will keep going through the night for hours and hours as it’s something they desire. If we are pushing someone to do something that they don’t desire, it’s like leading a horse to water and trying to push them uphill.

Your daily actions show your hierarchy of values, you structure your life around your priorities. Our identity revolves around us.  Every decision made will give you advantage or disadvantage. No one can stop someone who is on a mission in life. Once you are at certain level you can delegate low priority things. When you raise your energy you will speed up the process and become more empowered  and governed on your mission.

“You’re going to have to make sure that you are constantly updating your knowledge and providing information and insight that people can’t find easily anywhere else. Moreover, you’ll have to do it in a unique and memorable signature style.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Living with purpose and mission means you are living with freedom and in your executive centre, which is your prefrontal cortex or forebrain. When we don’t have mission or vision, we revert to procrastination, gossip and living in our hind brain, which uses up too much energy and keeps us in a state of fear.


Dr.John Martinee

Gary Vaynerchuk

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