By now, you’ve probably heard some of the beautiful benefits of Pilates apparatus… some of which include the following: 

  • Better posture
  • Increased flexibility at joints and mobility of the spine
  • Accelerated Core stability
  • Better breathing
  • Improved balance

Plus, so many more! And while many of the studies on Pilates were done using apparatus…Which aren’t accessible for most people without Pilates studio visits…Experts agree that Pilates apparatus including mat-work can offer similar benefits…BUT!Not all Pilates apparatus sessions are created the same
Most Pilates reformers on the market lack the “tower” and “Garuda sling” to deliver meaningful movement and repertoire…This is why I am so excited to share our Pilates reformer, tower and Garuda sling with you!The apparatus is in a class of its own, and I’ve noticed significant differences in our clients by having more choice of repertoire and apparatus. This is because our bodies ability to move depicts our developmental patterns. Developmental patterns are established from in utero to infant development. The problem I see in most movement programs is that basic moves are performed poorly thus they “program” your body to move incorrectly which makes it very hard (and potentially impossible) for even a skilled therapist to correct faulty motor patterns. Ask any golf professional this and he will tell you to go right back to basic movement patterns. There are seven movement patterns in total 1. Squat 2. Bend 3. Lunge 4. Pull 5.Push 6.Twist 7.Gait. We must be able to regress and progress a movement. For those clients wanting a thorough analysis I take them through four hours assessment followed by 23 private lessons to work on mindset and movement.

What sets our apparatus and studio apart from the others? 

  1. Our apparatus– Our studios host the V2Max Merrithew machines, this has the added addition of the tower plus I have added the ‘Garuda sling’. Our machines cost the same as car, so from £5.5 k up to £6.5 k per machine. Quality counts and gives you better results.  The Fitness Pilates model using reformer only is repetitive and limited with lots of pulsing and crunching. An inexperienced body will create more tension and compression unless a highly trained instructor gives alternative choices. We utilise the Garuda sling to traction the body gently using its own body weight, the tower to work on spinal articulation and joint mobility. Plus the reformer for core stability and tilting reflex work.
  2. Our semi-private numbers– We only teach in semi privates. Meaning no large group classes. This ensures you get the verbal and hand on cueing that you need to progress.
  3. Our expertise and staff training– All my freelance and part time staff train with me for a minimum of two years plus hold serious qualifications with professional world recognised governing bodies. This ensures they grow even more under supervision and guidance, rather than a quick fix course.
  4. Our holistic approach and no-nonsense approach – If the caps fits wear it. There are no short cuts in life, you have to show up and do the work. Flat abdominals always start in the kitchen, never in the Pilates class. The body works in conjunction with food, hydration, sleep, thoughts breathing and movement. Movement alone is just one piece of the puzzle

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