There is a technique I learnt form Byron Katy. When something goes wrong or something happens out of our control, our mind will go to the lowest level of training. That is usually scarcity, fear, anger, guilt, blame and negativity. However if we upgrade our skill set, when something  happens which is unexpected in life, we will have a better ability to cope and deal with the problem.

This is not ignoring or dismissing the event, but it’s putting it into perspective. An event is just an event. It is the skill of changing our perception. Remember we can have the attitude of everything happens to me (victim archetype) or everything happens for my growth, expansion and contribution.

Giving back in life and having purpose is one of the richest things we can do. We demonstrate this by our actions not by our words. Rather than tearing yourself apart for things that did not happen the way you wanted them to . How about measuring progress, you can do this by journaling. What is working for you and what is not working??

Yourself worth and health worth are the most important of all. You cannot give to others until you are coming from a place of good health. You’re training or lack of training will always show up in life. Everybody’s reaction is where they are at. We always expect others to meet our expectations. The biggest disappointment is in life is when others to match our values, but we are simply pushing our values and beliefs onto them. When people react with anger it is always coming from a place of fear.

Every Adversity, Every Failure, Every Heartbreak, Carries With It The Seed Of An Equal Or Greater Benefit” – Napoleon Hill.

Saying thankyou to every experience that happens to you is an abundant mindset. 100’s and 1000’s pf people need your contribution on the planet. The worst thing we can do in life is be a spectator. We don’t get paid to spectate. Spectating would be not taking action and spending too much time on social media scrolling through what everyone else is doing. Our minds will always go to the negative an disadvantage of the situation.

If you don’t train your mind and body with a strategy and skillset, you will be lost. We can test our strategies for when we are absent in life or when we get sick. Can you operate and put other systems into place? The secret source of lighting your fire is a burning desire for what you want and a deep appreciation of what we have already.

Are your choices in life coming from a place of good health? What changes do you need to make in order to reach your goals. Our values and behaviour is based on our perception. How hungry are you to change to become the best possible you. When your flame is roaring, people will want to be around you. Gossip, negativity, judgement just lower the life force to a flickering flame.

The Japanese having a concept about being grateful. In Japan, arigato is a simple way of saying “thank you” among familiars or peers. Politeness is highly valued in Japanese culture, so be mindful that there are more formal ways to say “thank you” to superiors or elders (e.g., arigato gozaimasu, which is a more polite way of saying thanks).


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