Our goals and dreams have changed for many of us since Covid 19. You may of changed your environment, got that fitted kitchen or bathroom, bought a new house or car, changed your child’s school, reaccessed your relationships, decide to lose weight, gave up smoking or drinking, started a new hobby or sport and the list goes on.


Fitness trends of 2021 are changing for the better.

  1. Firstly people want to be in nature. I have seen more people than ever before engaging in walking, biking and park life. Being confined to houses and apartments for many over 18 months equals a nature deprived population. That kind of separation is extreme.


2. There is a definite rise in fitness apps and home training. However there is no replacement for face to face training and you can definitely not access a client in the same way of precision and depth as you can in person. Going to partake in any sort of movement regiment is an outing, an adventure and a experience. The emotions and hormones associated with human interaction are second to none and can never be replaced with screen time.

Video tutorial, online training. A young woman is recording a video home fitness lesson. She does fitness exercises lunges, the camera on the tripod opposite

3. A demand for one to one training is through the roof. Never before have I seen so many success stories. One to one has a more personalised approach. I can design programs around the clients individual factors such as: source of motivation, what and why does the client want to change, and most importantly fit their program in with their lifestyle.







You can see examples of these trends in places like ACSM’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2021.

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