It does matter what you say, it’s what you do. People tell me they want to get fitter, stronger, get rid of pain and lose weight, but their actions are so deeply imbedded, that they find it hard to change.

We live our life by our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly actions, not by our words. So the habits that we are currently doing, we are 100% committed to. If I knew what I do now from last week, last year or the last ten years I would be a better person. As Gandhi said “Today I am better informed”.

All habits, successes and failures are based on our daily rituals and actions.

What are the new growth habits that aren’t working for you?

What am I repeatedly doing daily and weekly that are preventing me reaching my goals? If you want to build something up in your life. You cannot take things personally.

What things do you procrastinate over? For example scrolling phone or social media, multi-tasking, Netflix but to name a few examples …….

How we spend our life, shows up in what we are committed to. What am I doing that is keeping me stuck and not growing forwards

So knowing what I know now. What do I need to stop doing in order to progress further?? What do I need to stop saying yes to???

Get more by being clear on your actions….



Paul Mort communications