Ask yourself: What are you grateful for in the year 2021 ???

I am grateful for every experience of hardship and pain. As you actually learn and grow more from discomfort that you do form pleasure

I am grateful for all clients who have been in a position to support the studios

I am grateful for my premises to be open and clients are able to exercise, when so many have closed and so many are still banned from opening around the world

I am grateful to my Dad for putting me up at his house with all my junk, books and cooking habits

I am grateful to every conversation that I have had, whether it be work, private or social media

I am grateful to have the courage to be myself, as wearing masks is hard work (The Paul Mort effect)

I am grateful to have the ability to look at the three sides of the coin. As things are never black and white

And the list goes on………

So I ask you to write down, all the things you are grateful for (Byron Katy)……..

This is because the mind will automatically look at the worst aspects of life

It’s called living in fight or flight, living in our hind brain and preventing frontal lobe development

Interestingly as humans, we seem to always be channelled to low level emotions, behaviour and thoughts

From all aspects of media, soap operas, reality TV, institutions, governments, schooling and religion

But the truth is, we expect everyone to think, behave and act like ourselves

And when they don’t, we start to judge……

Judgement just gives two directions separation and segregation

In-fact the lowest for of humanity

We have witnessed this for years across many civilisations

Low level emotions as you have seen on my studio chart are anger, resentment, blame, shame, guilt, jealousy  and so many more

These emotions come from a place of fear

As we expect everyone to think, behave and act like us

We feel frustrated when they do not match us

But thing is, they are actually showing their shadow self (Carl Jung) to us

So before we approach 2022, take seven deep breaths ……and remember that we all need each other more than ever before


 Paul Chek

 Paul Mort

 The school of life