The way we react to any stressful situation whether it be an internal force (virus or disease) or external force (active or passive injury, human interaction) will be dependent on the state of our mind and body. To have a strong immunity, internal health and vitality is essential to stay in homeostasis.  Getting a balance of the two forces yin and yang by eating good food, resting between workouts and becoming more parasympathetic and regenerating ourselves is how we will stay mentally and physically strong in times of crisis.

How are we navigating in these times? Where are we focused? Where are our thoughts? We have the opportunity to focus  on new possibilities and potentials. Stepping into the unknown is fear and we can get trapped and paralysed  by this. What is it that you are focusing on? At this time we need to be giving and encouraging others . We need to create the environments and the body we want. Personal power is the ability  to be able to make your own choices  that support you, your loved ones and your family. Now is the time to look at your own thoughts, behaviours, attitudes and limiting beliefs.

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it.” Eckhart Tolle

Yang is our metabolic fire. The body temperature gets hot in illness to aid the immune system. For every degree that the body temperature rises above 37, it doubles the speed of immune antibodies to try and fight off whatever the problem is. They reach peak speed around 39-40 degrees. So once you get above that number you are literally losing the battle.

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”Eckhart Tolle

In nature you will see fires erupting all over the place and spewing volcanoes. It’s the planets reaction in order to try and balance its yin and yang. When we have excessive yang in our body this weakens the immune system leading to adrenal, hypothyroid and chronic fatigue symptoms. Human interference with Mother Nature has produced the by products that we see. The planet and body  will always balance itself out. A 2017 research paper, Eat as If You Could Save the Planet and Win!Sustainability Integration into Nutrition for Exercise and Sport stated: “Integrating health and sustainability creates co-benefits, as for the most part, sustainable eating also means healthful eating. Nutrition recommendations, for active and athletic individuals should also begin to integrate sustainability. Using innovative approaches, including experiential learning from farm to table, renews the relationship of food by rediscovering the broad meaning of food, building knowledge and skills in the kitchen, and sharing food around the table”. Published online 2017 Apr 21. doi: 10.3390/nu9040412

In order to have high levels of immunity against any sort of infection, we have to be in balance. Our immune system is also effected by our stress levels, this can include  achieving work goals, competitive sport and looking after sick children. The more drugs and toxins we have in our body, the weaker and more disabled the body becomes. Research papers show that over 90% of the population have fungus and parasite infections. Fungal and parasite infections are the doorway to disease and inflammation. Some doctors, including Doug Kauffman, quote that candida or other systemic fungal infections cause or at the very least contribute to the development of cancer. When you examine the link between fungus and cancer further, this makes sense. A body wide candida infection plays havoc on the immune system. Not only does the immune system become overwhelmed and worn out from fighting the infection, but candida (or other fungus) excrete toxins that further weaken and harm the body.

If you just pull the top of the weed it will grow back. I never treat the disease that has the person, but coach the person that has the disease.  The most susceptible age for folks having the COVID-19 virus are over 40 and are those who already have a number of health conditions including obesity.  The more drugs that we take the more health challenges that we are presented with. Constant ingestion of supplements and treating symptoms with drugs does not tackle the root cause nor the behaviour or habitual lifestyle or pattern that started the problem. Does this sound like you?

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” ― Eckhart Tolle,

The body is a system of systems – just like a car we cannot separate the wheel and tyre from the steering wheel. We also cannot separate ourselves from the earth. We need to pump in order to get the lymphatic systems going. Our yin qualities are nutrition, hydration and sleep – they are responsible for working, producing energy and cultivating exercise. Our yang qualities are movement, thinking and breathing.

1.Nutrition – We need an organic, whole food diet, eat as much raw food as we can take and digest effectively. Enzymes are responsible for every action in the body. Most of us are enzyme deficient and the body, like the planet, speaks its only language and tells us when we are out of sync and balance. In order to improve we need to slow down, slow cook foods with the bone on as its a better way to digest. Eat many fermented foods and lots of soups. We need a balance of both eye foods (from an animal source) and non eye food (non animal source). Too much flesh foods just bogs you down. Too much no eyes foods initially raises the energy, but then a crash happens. Your poop will always tell you whether you are in balance or not and how your digestion is. Our poop should be earthy, float and be light brown in colour.


2.Hydration is so important. Juice and fizzy drinks  do not hydrate the body.You can quickly check for dehydration at home. Pinch the skin over the back of the hand, on the abdomen, or over the front of the chest under the collarbone. This will show skin turgor. Mild dehydration will cause the skin to be slightly slow in its return to normal.

3. Sleep – Most of us are 1 – 1.5 hours  sleep deprived . We all need eight hours of sleep a night. Sleep is a person’s cheapest medicine. If you are seriously worried about catching any sort of virus, the fastest way to disable everything from blood sugar handling to cognition to physical organ repair and/or psychogenic repair is lack of sleep. We need to sleep in cycle with the sun and the moon . Our cortisol levels should awaken and come up with the sun and go down at night. Cortisol works in conjunction with the melatonin ring, as melatonin induces the sleep state. Eating and drinking rubbish  will keep cortisol delaying its release of melatonin.  6 am to 12 pm midday should be the highest releases of cortisol. 10 pm to 2 am is our physical repair of tissues and 2 am to 6 am is our neurogenic repair of brain and the nervous system.

4. Breathing – Oxygen ignites metabolism. Energy should come in the way of food. Food that will hinder our respiration and cause us to shallow breathe, use accessory muscles would be grains and sugar. Breathing effects our mental clarity and our immune system . The first 2/3rds of the breath should start in the belly, the last third should move up into the chest . The immune antibodies will move through the body keeping the immune system circulating.

5. Thoughts – With negative energy you get the opposite of the placebo effectTreating yourself with your mind is possible, but there is more to the placebo effect than positive thinking. The placebo effect is more than positive thinking — believing a treatment or procedure will work. It’s about creating a stronger connection between the brain and body and how they work together,” says Professor Ted Kaptchuk of Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, whose research focuses on the placebo effect.

Placebos won’t lower your cholesterol or shrink a tumor. Instead, placebos work on symptoms modulated by the brain, like the perception of pain. “Placebos may make you feel better, but they will not cure you,” says Kaptchuk. “They have been shown to be most effective for conditions like pain management, stress-related insomnia, and cancer treatment side effects like fatigue and nausea.”  Nocebo effects can modulate the outcome of a given therapy in a negative way, as do placebo effects in a positive way. If you keep telling yourself negativities about illness and disease, you actually program yourself to manifest the illness or disease and thus, you will open yourself up to it.

Positive affirmation – ” I am happy, I am healthy, I am whole”. The cells of your body believe your mind – just like its god . How many fight of flight responses do you have throughout the day . Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

6. Movement – Workouts should get something done! You should improve your workout 1-3% each time . Rest well in-between. Exercise pumps fluid through the body. The best exercise is the one you’re willing to do regularly . Don’t get obsessed with all these fitnesses apps, otherwise you just become a “data head”. We should all get a minimum of one hour movement per day. Disease, viruses and plagues are all opportunists  organisms; the foundations of good health do not lie in the supplementation you’re taking but in the foundation of your food.  The fastest way to health is through your food.


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