In these uncertain times…  What uncertain times?  Times have always been uncertain! We act as if our days are guaranteed. We tell ourselves that we’ll move towards our passion next week. We will start taking care of our health and diet after Covid -19. We will confront the broken relationship, the job we hate later. We procrastinate on our dreams and goals because the consistency of daily life makes us believe that there will always be a tomorrow – and that tomorrow will always look just like today. Yes, we will move towards our passion next week, but it then never happens of course.

What about you? Maybe you’re ready to commit to your health and your happiness, unapologetically. Is it time you recognize your truest potential? Maybe you’re finally going to own all that you are and share your wonderful gifts with the world. Or maybe it’s time to help those still stuck in the darkness like you once were.

It’s been almost a month now since lockdown and we’ve just been told that there are another three weeks to go.

Yes it’s true: no one is really sure what’s going to happen next with the Coronavirus. You have some experts saying we’ve passed the peak… others that the spread will begin declining within the next few weeks… and yet others saying things are going to get much worse before they get better.

Listen, I know Covid-19 is terrible. My heart weeps deeply for those who have lost their lives to this virus and for their families. However, the sliver of hope I search for in these strange times is that this pandemic is waking people up to the gift that is our lives and all of the amazing opportunities that come with it.

Former hostage Terry Waite,  spent 1,736 days, or almost five years, in captivity in Beirut from 1987 until 1991. Terry told of how he is himself self-isolating and of how the current strange conditions have “levelled” us all. He urged people to be positive about the future and remarked: “Keep your dignity, structure your day, become creative and be grateful during the coronavirus lockdown”.

So what is the world going to look like when the coronavirus passes?

After most catastorphies, things seem to return to business as usual.

This time around, however, I’ve got a feeling this whole fiasco is going to serve as a real spark for change.

  • Our governments have been slow and incompetent. 
  • The networks/media can’t get their stories straight and thrive on sensationalism.
  • The best way to control people has and always will be through fear.
  • We have all played the child archetype, instead of the adult/parent doing our own research.

Yeah, it’s harsh, but people are witnessing the unforgiving repercussions of resting on one’s laurels and taking their health, their bodies, and their freedom for granted. Mother Earth has put us in a time-out.

I know lots of people who’ve spent much of their quarantine reflecting on their choices and pondering the ones they expect to make moving forward – that includes me! Big changes in my life, the way I move and the way I will start moving people are on the horizon as both St.Helens and Manchester studios prepare to reopen in a new and exciting way.

“Most people are not balanced in their inner states of awareness, in their inner world, and they need outside stimuli to keep them in control. There is an experiment which illustrates that. Some researchers put individuals into environments with little or no stimuli coming in, extreme sensory deprivation, and it was not long before the individuals basically developed into babbling fools. All they were left with was what was going on in their inner worlds,  and that was out of control. Without stimuli coming in from the outside, they were adrift in their out of control thoughts. They were lost. In that state, those researchers found these individuals could be easily brainwashed or even made to confess crimes they had not committed. They concluded that you could do this to almost anyone under those circumstances. But that would not work with an experienced meditator because he or she would be in control of their thoughts and emotions. When we meditate, we gain control over the unbalanced forces in our being. The forces which cause us all of our pain and grief. By meditating, we bring this into a condition of balance. And when we have reached balance and self conscious awareness, we experience a state of great peace.” Shelley Trimmer (from An Eternity of Gods by Ray Grasse).


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“An infinity of Gods” – Ray Grasse

Terry Waite interview