I’m pretty EXCITED…
Over the past few weeks I have HEADED BACK to parkrun for the FIRST TIME in 18 MONTHS
See this “Covid 19” thing has prevented me from RETURNING EARLIER. I have had to PUT the teaching hours to get the clients back
And man, I’ve REALLY MISSED running on Saturday mornings, socialising and being DRIVEN by others
It’s up there with one of my VERY favourite things to do, alongside coaching, teaching, cooking and learning
So to not be able to RUN for such a long period of time was REALLY HARD
(especially after being closed four times in St.Helens and three times in Manchester )
In fact, I found the running SO CHALLENGING that my time INCREASED by six minutes
I FELT so hopeless, helpless and frustrated
Because every time I saw people running faster than me I felt FED UP
Yep, I had to hit that DON’TGIVEUP button just for a while to protect my state
When you’re STRUGGLING with anything at all…
You tend to focus on the NEGATIVES, rather than the POSITIVES
My #1 tip (and the biggest lesson I think I’ve learned in 2021)
Is that you have to be focused on what you CAN DO
Not what you CAN’T
Because focusing on what you CAN DO…
Puts you BACK IN CHARGE…..
Speaking of which
I’m taking on NEW CLIENTS (male and female) into my ’12 WEEK- MANAGE YOUR SPINE PROGRAM’
For a JANUARY start
Its one of my most PERSONAL programs…
With plenty of time for preparation and foundation work SENT PRIOR
Reply with ‘PILATES’; and I’ll get you all of the details
Nisha Srivastava (Pilates Guru)
Paul Mort private communications
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