If you’re suffering from pain, long term illness or disease, chances are you need a new way of seeing things – that is, you need a paradigm shift. This could get you back to being pain free, healthy, feeling happy and not chronically inflamed. It’s usually fear that holds us back (False, Evidence, Appearing, Real) and our unconscious behavioural habits. Have you ever found yourself saying “Why did I do that?” This behaviour is self-sabotage. We seem to make the worst choices and this takes us further away from our goals, rather than reaching it. As the Les Brown quote states: to set ones goals or ambitions high is particularly difficult, however if you don’t aim high you will never know if you can reach.

Case study on Chek pain clinic

“My Name is Sally and I had a back injury in 1993 leading to spinal surgery in 1995 .The surgery unfortunately wasn’t successful and I still suffered back and leg pain with numbness and a feeling of heaviness in my legs after I walked so far. A stroke in 2014 left me with weakness and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2015. The fibromyalgia gives me widespread body pain and I have fatigue and depression, anxiety and joint stiffness; furthermore, my knees were starting to pain and give way and I had restless legs syndrome and memory problems.

I was feeling my life was slipping by and I was looking for something or someone to help me out of the black hole I was in, drifting from day to day just existing in pain, popping pills and not feeling life was worth being here.

I googled the Pilates classes and spent six months just going back to the site and reading and wishing I could do something like that ! Then one day in June 2019 I plucked the courage up to send an email. Nisha phoned me first for a phone consultation in which I stuttered through and I was thinking I wasn’t making any sense at all! Nisha was brilliant took charge and explained to me what she did and I could have a CHEK consultation to which I said yes and it started from there.

Believe me when I say I nearly cancelled as I was so down and feeling my body would let me down and my anxiety was really bad. I opened the door to peep in and turn around but Nisha heard me, calling to come in and make myself comfy. Nisha was so professional and reassuring putting me at ease right away. The consultation flew past and with Nisha’s encouragement it went really well! I was booked on to a one to one course with Nisha not just for pilates and received a whole round CHEK life coaching from self wellbeing to eating to reduce inflammation in my body and perhaps lose weight too. I saw my GP to let him know my plans and he was very happy for me to go ahead.

Before coming to see Nisha, I had tried acupuncture, physiotherapy with daily traction and a tens machine. I also had cognitive therapy.

Since starting with Nisha and following the CHEK system, I have my pain and fatigue under management, I am more flexible and my posture is so much better. My core strength is returning, my knees are so much better and not giving way. I don’t get restless legs as often and if I do I have tactics to deal with it. I have changed my diet and feel so much better in myself. Friends and family have noticed I have lost weight and gone down two dress sizes! I have been told my eyes are shining and my skin is glowing. I am feeling so much better mentally and feel like I am waking up from a long sleep, things seem so clearer and I deal with day to day stress so much better.

I look after myself and value myself so much better too. I look forward to what life has to offer. My GP is very impressed and I am almost off two of my strong medications. He said he hasn’t seen me looking this well in a long time.

I have been going to Nisha for six months now and I have achieved so much and the CHEK system has given me the foundation’s to carry on and achieve much more as time passes. I really couldn’t recommend Nisha and her classes and CHEK holistic approach to life and wellbeing anymore, I am not wishing I could do something like this now as I am actually doing it and I enjoy every minute I am at the studio.”

We live in a culture of instant gratification – buy it now and get the body you want and eliminate your symptoms, this could be the magic bullet, magic pill or magic treatment. Whilst this is totally reasonable and understandable, it does not solve long term problems. Long term problems will require long term solutions.

Pain and symptoms in the body are always trying to tell us something and teach us something. So if you’re looking for the magic cure you may need a shift in paradigm and to take responsibility for your own learning and health.

“Deep down, the basic thing that makes you human has not yet happened. Consciousness makes you human. And this is the beauty of it, that whenever you are conscious, suffering disappears. Suffering brings in consciousness, but if you move more and more in consciousness, suffering disappears. This law has to be understood: if your head is hurting, it brings consciousness, you become aware of your head; otherwise nobody is aware of their head. You become aware of the body only when something is wrong.

In Sanskrit, they have a beautiful word for suffering. They call it vedant, and vedant has two meanings: one, suffering; the other, knowledge. Vedant comes from the same root as veda. Veda means the source of knowledge. Those who coined this word vedant came to know a fact, that suffering is knowledge. Hence they used the same word for both.” Osho


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