This is my question:

If you are reading this newsletter five years from now, WHERE do you want to be? And more so, WHO do you want to be?

Do you love Pilates, but feel stuck and uninspired?

Are you teaching the same mat repertoire and exercises and not really getting the results from the clients and limiting them by your own limited beliefs?

Staying as a mat teacher is great and it keeps you in what’s called the safety zone. It’s a guaranteed steady pay from many clubs and gyms who pack members in with a reduced membership. You might even be a mat teacher operating from a studio or a church hall teaching small props, with a regular flow of clients who have been with you for years.

But your clients will only ever go as far you have gone!

I will repeat…….

Your clients will only ever go as far you have gone!

Our quality of life is always depicted by the level of questions we ask. The harder and smarter I work, the luckier I become!

Until I did apparatus, I did not take myself out of my comfort zone. Understanding the full method of Pilates and having the ability to help injury/specialist/populations clients who would either not want to join a gym or are a professional athlete is incredibly rewarding. The whole purpose in life is to enhance the planet into a better place than when you arrived. It is a well-known entrepreneurial fact that giving back in life not only enhances the universe but is one of the most pleasurable experiences there is.

I have so many ‘wanna be instructors’ get in touch with hidden potential in life, but they are unwilling to step into the FEAR of the unknown.

If you want to become an inspiring, confident and highly employable Pilates teacher, you have to put in the work and take yourself out of your comfort zone. The Pilates method is not just about movement, it is the full mind body connection which is often lost by cortisol overload of “enthusiastic feel the burn studios”. As the saying goes: “As above so is below”.

What is a Pilates apprenticeship?

 An apprenticeship is where you train for a period of years to acquire the skills needed to be fully comprehensive with experience. Pilates teachers were originally ALL trained and mentored up in the studios by their owners. Students gave their time for FREE in order to shadow their mentor and they learned the art and skill of self-practice and how to piece the repertoire together for the client in front of them. The studio charged lower fees to clients until the teacher was fully comprehensively certified.

Training would take years and apprentices would help out by teaching at the studios during busy times and were able to take additional sessions privately and in group during quieter times. That situation has now changed, big brand companies focused on equipment sales found it easier to fill a 10-day reformer course than to fill a 50 day complete apparatus course. Thus teachers only come away with part of the puzzle. I am constantly approached by both mat-work and reformer teachers with no experience. When they do have the experience, it is often in fitness Pilates with little knowledge of say the ‘chair’, ‘barrels’ or ‘tower and how advantageous this could be to someone who has had a stroke, hip replacement or even a professional footballer.

So an apprenticeship experience fee at any pilates studios is heavily discounted, in effect that the apprentice contributes to the running of the studio. This usually consists of some teaching hours, zoom, social media and studio admin.

The Pilates apprenticeship that I offer at both my St.Helens Merseyside and Manchester UK studios is run in conjunction with Mbodies training academy UK.

Pilates apprenticeship outcomes

  • Learn how to adapt the repertoire to the person in-front with regression and progression of each exercise
  • Learn a completely new skill set that you will be able to take to performance and rehabilitation clients
  • Become highly employable whether it be corporate, private practice or studio
  • Learn to approach employers in the right way ( A 50/50 exchange of energy)
  • Learn what employers want at an audition (whether you are asked to teach class or one to one)

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