What if I told you that you could have limitless energy, robust immune system, strong muscles, bones and a fully functioning organs. You would also have a more positive outlook on life, be emotionally stable and have a sharp mind. By building your health on these solid foundation principles, you will look better, feel good and be able to live your dream.

Every day I get enquiries telling me that the physio, GP, surgeon or sports therapist has told them that they need to fire their core. People come to me who have tried every other surgeon or therapist and they are looking at our techniques as a last resort. My experience is that the body works holistically so just doing movement, physio, osteopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture or seeing a chiropractor will not treat the full condition as it is only looking at one aspect of the body. This is where the quote fits in: ‘Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power’. You can have the best and top people treating you in the work but unless you are applying the knowledge and working holistically it does not work.


The foundation principles of the body are divided into six categories, yin and yang. An excess of any of these foundational principles  would indicate an excess of the category it belongs too.

Yin Category

  1. Nutrition
  2. Water
  3. Sleep

Yang category

  1. Thinking
  2. Breathing
  3. Movement/exercise

By improving the six foundational principles, you can improve your health, remove your niggling aches and pains, avoid illness, expensive visits to the doctors and consequential prescription of medical drugs.

So too much thinking i.e worrying, negative (stinking thinking, depressed mood), may indicate a yang dominance, where as too much sleep may indicate a yin dominance and so on.

If someone is yang dominant they lack the yin principles. In other words being yang dominant usually means you’re thinking too much (anxious or stressed), breathing too quickly, (chest breathing as opposed to diaphragmatic breathing or just taking more breaths than average and this means  your moving too much either due to over training, injury, poor postural alignment or a result of a physical labour intense occupation.

It also means you’re probably dehydrated and your quality of water is poor. You are probably also not getting enough quality sleep, rest and relaxation.


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