When something happens how do you feel and react?  Now have a deep think about it – how do you really want to feel and react? And finally, what are you willing to do to change the way you feel?  Here are 4 helpful tips to help you change the way you feel:

  1. Stop arguing with yourself.
  2. Change your psychology.
  3. You can’t win the game if you don’t know the rules.
  4. Get the reps in to get the results.

Our brain will always go onto the magnetic North which is scarcity, disillusion, regret and disappointment. If you have not found the right strategy, ask better questions. Build your training or energy demand in order to see results.

What do you need to guarantee a win/win situation?  You need to agree, appeal, accelerate your treatment or strategy.

If you did not get the result, what do you expect ???

Answer this question:

I feel satisfied and at my best in life when I………

For me personally, I feel satisfied when I give value and take action by giving from a place of good health. I’ve created the rules to create the game. I can become better by repeating any skill, this is known as moving from unconsciously incompetent to consciously competent.

What have we learned?

Now I know better; I will keep showing up in life. When we experience and do new things, the brain forms more myelin sheath layers . Every time we take new steps in life, you lay down new footprints. Confidence is where you live, rather than were you visit.

Three take home tips for you:

  1. Create rules and reactions about your feelings.
  2. Practice your new skill.
  3. How can you create more leverage in order to see results?

Essentially setbacks, failure or disappointments decide whether we get to our goal. If we don’t take risk, we have not started, so don’t stop.

In life we need to work to outcomes, missions and targets. It’s like a boat in the river: you must be prepared to ride the waves. We cannot make the world match our pictures. We must not complain about others. When  we get a result we don’t like, we take it as failure rather than as learning. Trying to resist unmet expectations is the victim attitude. People get stuck on negativity;  life is not fair.

What are you resisting?

What do you want?

How do you want to feel?

What do you want to create?

Playing the victim means we can only see the negatives, the drawbacks, the challenge, the criticism, the disadvantage. When we are ungrateful  and in victim mode, we focus on the pain, the negatives, the setbacks,  and the disadvantages.

Being ungrateful, we focus on the pains, only negatives drawbacks and disadvantages,  meaning that they become norm.

When we are coming from a place of good health, we can only see the positives, praise, advantages and chaos as part of life. Life will stay the same if  we don’t take action. Taking action will challenge you above your expectations . Life will just become a high and low. There is nothing wrong with that till you think there is something wrong.

Have the ability to be neutral, objective, loving what is. We cannot love something we don’t know both sides of. Certainty is knowing both sides. Knowing that if you lose, you are not a loser.

We are all working in life to missions, targets and goals. When we resist, we have one foot in the boat and one foot out. We try and make the world match our pictures, most of us complain about others. When we get a result, we don’t like that failure means I’m rubbish.

Trying to resist unmet expectations and taking the victim attitude, we just end up stacking up negativity. “Life is not fair’. What are you resisting? What do you want? How do you want to feel? What do you want to create?

We can only see:

  • The negatives.
  • The draw backs.
  • The challenge.
  • The criticism.
  • The disadvantage.

When you have a better outlook, you can see the positives, praises, advantages and choices. When they are not met, action has not been taken.  Life becomes highs and lows, nothing wrong until you think there is something wrong.  Having the ability to be neutral, objective and loving what is, is a skill.  You can’t love something when you don’t know both sides.

Knowing that if you lose, you are not the loser. When you are angry, you cannot see the full picture. This is why it is important to express and write things down. Often, we are in the picture, so we can’t change the picture. When we are still in the frame, we stay in the victim mode. Ask better questions in order to believe something different.

There is no praise without criticism. Set yourself to win, it will take practice and will then happen. Slip into a scarcity mindset and your abundance will be triggered by attitude. It is impossible for me to get super triggered due to setbacks, disappointments and failures. This is when my expectations are not met. When I change my belief, I change my belief around the situation.

It’s like the Chinese farmer whose horse ran away. Change the frame and attention, ask the right question. What your outcomes have worked, ask yourself what outcomes did not work. Make smarter questions and strip away the ‘emotional transfer’. Ask better questions to yourself.

Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder. TIA MOWRY


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