Dr Joe Dispenza has a called book ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’. If you want to change you need to feed yourself a different diet, do something different. Nothing changes till you change. I have to train myself to do something different. Thoughts and actions only become easy when you drill them in enough. Feed yourself a diet of optimism and joy.

Do you have a diet of love, gratitude, inspiration and joy?? We feel the outside world has to look a certain way before we feel a certain way. 95% of our thoughts are unconscious, habitually programmed with diet, negativity, scarcity, fear and self-doubt.

This is our default – it’s our state of magnetic North. We all have a strategy for feeling negative.

Fill in the sentence below:

I feel rubbish, lousy and worthless, unconfident, rejected and full of fear when……..

Which is more real? Our inner world or our outer world. Two people with the same facts will behave differently. We have to change our habits to change our outcomes. Make a habit, an experience, joy and an intention.

If I am not consciously choosing how I want to feel, everything that is not working, everything that is going wrong and all habitual thoughts will become my default magnetic North.

If I avoid pain and negativity for growth, what you focus on will grow. I choose how I feel, what I focus on and what the outcome is. Our current reality is pictures on the wall. What picture do you want to create ? Is it that of feeling, love, appreciation, post-worthy or joy?

I feel confident when I strength train at gym, sleep properly, do prep for lessons, sign up new clients and journal.  When do you feel your most confident?

To feel unconsciously competent there are 4 stages of mastery – during times of stress we fall to the lowest level of consciousness. Train your body, be grateful for the experience and the opportunity. We cultivate and create on demand when we are prepared and practiced. We feel inspired when we learn new things .

The victim archetype is that everything happens to me instead of everything happens for me and my growth. Life is a growth centred experience . My outer world follows my inner world. Be happy now instead of when you have XYZ . The strongest trees grow in the strongest soil.  Remember people are doing the best for them in the circumstances they are in.

My life is electric because I chose it to be; preparation proceeds power. The weekend should not be a reward for everything you have done in the week. I am always in control of how I feel and am always attracted to value.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your values, 
Your values become your destiny.”― Gandhi


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