Like Usain Bolt, everyone wants a quick result in life, but few recognise, the time effort, energy and expenditure, dedication and discipline required. You see “You cannot fire a canon from a canoe”– Paul Chek.

At my Pilates studio we have a holistic (whole body approach). This is the truth; you cannot treat the body on movement alone. It has to be a combination of mindset, breathwork, sleep, hydration, movement and nutrition. If you have a body which is chronically inflamed (anything ending in IS), no amount of movement is going to help you until you treat the root cause and start looking at gut health, sleep, hydration, belief system and mindset. Clients who have pushed to go into group class who are struggling with chronic pain or an injury have sadly been disappointed as movement alone can never just heal. This is why I offer  the four-hour chek consult, so that we are looking at every aspect of the body.

With anything in life whether it’s learning a new language, establishing a business, passing an exam, working on a relationship, losing weight, reducing chronic pain or training for a marathon, you have to be prepared to put in the work. People tell me they don’t have time and they are not prepared to work at evenings and weekends, but results will always show and they have had time to waste on everything else that takes them further away from their goal rather than towards it

Having an integrated approach has transformed my life plus many others. Action is the only answer. My tools will only work if you work. Implementation is the only answer. Transformation is not a spectator sport. People’s behaviour is a  projection of where they are, not where they should be. Any relationship has to be 50/50.

Garuda v Pilates reformer?

Having taught and run Pilates studios in The North-west for over 30 years I have advanced on to the Garuda method. Most enquiries are for pure reformer which is what I was offering 13 years ago in St. Helens when I had the art gallery, click here:

The Garuda method now advances clients mentally, physically and spiritually to the next level. This is done by traction of  the spine using the sling, building core stability doing non-linear movement on the reformer and building flexibility and mobility in the joints using the tower.

Watch a group class here:

Garuda Pilates is a more intuitive way to exercise the body. Garuda uses movement rooted in yoga, Pilates and dance to help you create greater ease of movement. It has all the benefits of a cardiovascular workout while stretching the mind and the body. Garuda is a test of mental and physical strength, asking for focus and concentration during the exercises.

Watch a one to one here:

From James D’Silva, founder of Garuda Pilates

“When exercising, don’t shock the body, always bring it up a notch; bring your mind into the whole process of exercise, balance and coordination. You have to enjoy it,” says the fitness guru. He believes in constantly changing the way you move when working out to keep you on your toes.  He claims, “Everyone’s body is built differently architecturally, which is why there is no use in working someone beyond their means.”

So how can we look like his celebrity clients, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, you might ask?  Madonna has hailed London-based Pilates guru James D’Silva as a “genius” after his techniques helped her overcome the injuries she suffered following her horse-riding fall last year. She had to give up yoga and her usual tough work-out regime after breaking bones and ribs in August – so she turned to D’Silva’s gentle Pilates exercises to speed her recovery. Madonna explains, “I used to be a freak about doing yoga, but I had to do a lot of Pilates to rehabilitate my shoulder joint and get the use of my arm back. “I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I stopped doing (yoga) and you shock your body.James D’Silva, my Pilates instructor, is a genius”. Madonna