“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”…….

It’s easy to give up in life isn’t it. Better the devil you know that the devil you don’t know. The hardest thing to do is to change our behaviour from yesterday to do something different today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year….

This is something a lot of people struggle with…

It’s the pattern of STARTING AND STOPPING. I see and experience it every day at my studios.

One week you are on that diet, teacher training programme, learning a new language or exercise program.

The next week your back to late night TV, take away foods and looking for every excuse under the sun not to do blah, blah blah>>>>>

Believe me I have heard every excuse under the sun over the last 30 years.

You start a ‘good habit’ and then stop.

You start taking care of their health then stop.

You start doing things that have a positive impact on yourself, your family and your bank balance then stop.

Now it can be down to numerous reasons….

1.Lack of leverage

2. Lack or purpose 

3.Lack of accountability… 

4. Not enough ‘why’s 

I used to be the same. I used everyone and everything around me as an excuse. Remember when we blame someone else we are giving our power away. We actually become the victim.

Are things happening for you or to you? 

I’d start a morning routine… then stop (and wonder why I felt tired)

I’d start a clean eating programme and then stop (and then wonder why I was fat when I had had processed beige carbs or fizzy drinks)

I’d start taking sleep more seriously and then stop (and wonder why I was using coffee to keep going)

I’d start pushing my business and then stop (and wonder why I wasn’t growing)

Sound familiar??????

Thought so.

But then I figured something out (Well I was taught it by one of my mentor, Paul Mort)

This thing is so SIMPLE but had a dramatic impact on my life and my HAPPINESS



When you don’t know what’s working: Of course you’ll give up

When you don’t know how to measure progress: Of course you’ll keep stopping

When your mind can only see what’s wrong: Of course you’ll feel and see the worst in everything and everyone. Remember complaining is showing us where we are in our life, not where we should be.

You see no one can make you feel anything…….. You choose how you feel every minute of the day and have the ability to change it.

When you compare actual progress to idea progress: You’ll always feel unfulfilled.

The answer?

Measure BACKWARDS. Compare actual progress to where you started.

Focus on SPECIFIC wins.


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