At this stage of life, for me, teaching, coaching and consulting is much more about WHO I work with and the IMPACT I can bring rather than how MANY people I work with.

We all have so much stuff going on in life and every person has challenges in many different ways.

I have spent the last 30 years delving into the realms of movement, dissection and mindset- with tutors such as James de Silva, Julian Baker, Paul Chek and so many more.

Whilst the lockdown has presented many problems for my studios. It has also given rise to many opportunities. The ability to go inwards and really connect with my soul and gut and lead myself and the studio through a different path from every other pilates business.

You see when you go inward, you are not memorised or influenced with all the flash, jazz and external noise in life. You truly feel from within and learn to explore every aspect of the mind and body.

To be able to decipher what I TRULY want and need – is not just an external seeking — but an internal KNOWING.

This comes from a place of quiet and an ability to use a  more meditative mindset in my daily tasks.

I’ve developed a relationship with trust and faith and being able to know that whatever shows up I have the ability to navigate through from a place of reflection rather than reaction.

I have learnt  to communicate with more patience and by asking better questions.

My business has been flourishing slowly with the right people coming into my world.

There’s something you need to know — in this world of everlasting competition – the desire to be the “biggest ” in your field. Or the “best studio” is a fruitless one. I have found this out the hard way, having owned and worked in many studios over the years.

YOU MUST work on yourself — and double down on WHO YOU ARE and HOW YOU SHOW UP IN LIFE.

Make yourself the work and stop blaming others for your circumstances.

Every time we point the finger at one person, there are three pointing back.

Instead of being the best (insert category)

Become the ONLY.

Become such a potent transmission of who you are as an individual that you magnetise people towards you.

That way people aren’t seeking you out just as a solution to their problem like they would anyone else.

They’re connected to you as the individual.

Your vibe.

Your core values

Your energy.

Their desire becomes to WORK WITH YOU, not to just solve their problem.

This means there’s no one to compete with you.

You need less clients.

You get less objections.

We are only disappointed in life when others don’t meet our expectations.

And clients that want to work with you.

Focus on YOU as the transmission not just what you can do for people but WHO YOU SHOW UP AS.



Chris Brown media