Reading all my reviews you would think I have 100% positive results.

Well this is the truth.

NOT EVERYONE GETS AMAZING RESULTS when they join my Pilates, teaching programmes and chronic pain programs.


Well, not everyone does the work, or is prepared to look at different narratives. We tend to do what we have been taught or told. So we only know what to think rather than how to think. Our environment is everything.

You see any ‘ISM’ worth living is worth questioning.

Kind of obvious right?

You see the body works holistically and all the systems are linked.

This is something I learned from Paul Chek. Many functional medicine practitioners now have this approach.

You can’t create a new result doing the same old stuff. Yet we repeat this in big business worldwide.

Why?…..Well do you ever make money from healthy people?????

If what we are doing is working, why do we have more obesity, illness, disease and disconnection from the self.

The attached image are the subsystems of the body (Paul Chek). When clients come for a four hour consult, they have had a minimum of two weeks paperwork to work through so we know we are starting form and where we are going to. You see we are all different and without assessing ,we are guessing.

You can’t create change unless you change what you do. That is your habitual patterns, your thoughts and what you consume through your mouth, listen to through your ears and the words you speak.

In other words if you put garbage in, you will get garbage out.
Madness, if you ask me… but something I get 100%.

But if there’s ONE thing that everyone that DOES do the work has in common.

ONE thing that those who create change and transformation have in common.

ONE THING that those who take back control of their lives have in common.

ONE thing that those who master their emotions and upgrade their thinking have in common.


They stopped blaming time.
They stopped blaming their partner.
They stopped blaming their circumstances.
They stopped blaming their past.
They stopped blaming their work/business.
They stopped blaming everyone/anything else.
ALL CHANGE starts and ends right there…

By stopping pointing fingers and starting to take charge.

There is plenty of FREE information out there through podcasts, YouTube, social media and libraries…but the challenge is putting it all together.

I constantly work with mentors and coaches, so I have accountability. This also empowers me to take the role of the adult archetype rather than the child(Carl Jung).

I have to be clear; I never fix people as this disarms clients. I ask better questions and give clients the tools to fix themselves. The quality of our life is dependent on the quality of the questions that we ask.

So if you are ready to make change in your body life. DM me your email and cell and let’s start your journey today.

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In the meantime. Here are three ways I can help you:

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