If you are waiting for somebody to give you true health, fix that back, increase longevity and vitality or to pick you up.

I’ve got news, no one is coming ……

Infact governments take large payouts from corporate companies, so a nations health is always about keeping us reliant on consumerism. After all we can never make money from people who won’t spend…. Have you ever wondered why nutrition, sleep, hydration, mindset, sleep and movement have not been pushed over the past two years???

Gyms and exercise facilities were closed down, yet liquor stores, fast foods and tobacco were all readily available. No MSM or TV programs on boosting the immune system or about the importance of allostatic load and it’s aid in recovery from illness and disease.

Your body and your dreams are your own responsibility.

1.You need to kick your own ass and take adult responsibility now

Stop waiting for the perfect time, the perfect weight, to be pain free or the perfect moment in life. The universe rewards people who take risks. Playing it safe is staying in a comfort-centric experience and if you don’t take action now, you will have to eventually.

2. Embark on your own hero’s journey.

You don’t need permission; you need to make changes.

The people in life that get what they want are not waiting for validation or an external force to give them permission to find their goals, dreams and legacy.

It’s those that realise that success, true health and happiness come from within.

3. If you don’t feel ready, do it anyway

Results come from practice. When we see success stories, we never see the failures. You gotta keep going…… Remember reps, sets, loads………

4.Take a step forwards every day

So if you start to make baby changes at the end of one month that may be 1% and at the end of the year its will be 12 %.

  • Make that call
  • Sign up for that course
  • Send that email
  • Quit your job
  • Start a new business
  • Move house
  • Sign that lease
  • Break that relationship once and for all

4. If you are outside your comfort zone you are doing it right.

As you start to move towards the things you really want, you are not going to feel ready. When you feel like you are sticking your neck out, taking some risks and investing, that’s because you are growing.

5. You have to do it, no one is coming to discover you, to date you, to develop your career, to rescue you.

Your life is your responsibility. Your dreams and future are the results of your choices. The only persons permission you need is yourself.

Drop me an email when you’ve taken risk and the next step forwards in your life…….


Mel Robbins

Paul Mort

Paul Chek