Motivation is a crazy thing…

Many people struggle with it

PARTICULARLY ‘staying’ motivated’

I mean, its fairly easy to create a feeling of motivation at the START

But keeping it up and continuing to show up in life?

Is a different story

SUNDAY night is always the night when we are MOST motivated

Whether that was because we felt bloated

Was maybe a bit hungover

Or just that I had ‘big plans’ for the week

But by Wednesday? It’s OFF


Took me a while to figure this out (like THIRTY YEARS < no joke)

But in the last ten of years of working on myself

And of course, working with thousands of other people who were THE SAME as me

I’ve gotten my head around what motivation really is

And why it seems to come and go with so much regularity

So much so that we KEEP STOPPING

It’s no wonder we can’t get ahead

So I wanted to share some of my learning with you on this

Here are the top 5 reasons that you might struggle so much:

1- You confuse energy with motivation

2- You don’t have targets/goals/missions that ELECTRIFY you

3- Your PLAN is full of things that you just don’t value so you have try and force yourself to do them

4- You’re thinking of yourself too much rather than the people who’ll also be impacted

5- You don’t create an environment that supports you

THE FASTEST and EASIEST WAY to deal with all of these things?

Get around people that have DONE what you want to do

And people that are on the SAME PATH as you

Because without that?

You spend loads of energy and time trying to ‘push back’ and argue with the people around you

Sound familiar??????


Paul Mort communications