As we emerge out of regulations and restrictions, it brings new creativity and feelings for us all. I am passionate about raising the standard of movement and rehabilitation in the NW. Thank-you to all clients, colleagues and staff who have endured the ride of Covid 19 and have stuck with the studios or my social media posts. Like everyone and all businesses, we face many new challenges. But this is where the real dedication, commitment, perseverance and patience lies.
It’s easy to give up when things get tough. Everyone wants to see the silver lining in their body, bank balance and lives, but few are willing to go through the tough times and take the rough with the smooth.
I am passionate in creating real teachers with real skills and clients with new leases of life. This can only develop slowly over a period of time. Everyone wants the blackbelt, but few are willing to put in the reps, sets and loads.
I am excited to be running a two-year apprenticeship for Pilates teacher training. This runs in conjunction with M-bodies. This is ideal for teachers who are level 3 mat-work certified and want to add another string to their bow or perhaps a home studio. Having done both short teacher trainings and long teacher trainings, I feel the best are always done over a period of time as we can really develop and fine tune our skills. Attention to detail and technique are essential. You can have the best acrobatic performer as a teacher, but if the ability is not there to modify the exercise for the client in front of them, that really is not teaching.
Pictured above is my first graduate Gemma who is now induction reformer and tower certified. Gemma will be teaching on Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings.
Curious about doing the apprenticeship – DM your email and cell today