It’s not for me.

I’ll let someone else do it.

I don’t have time.

I don’t deserve this.

The best ones have gone.

People will laugh at me.

People will criticize me.

It did not work, but deep down I know I did not put in the time and commitment.

My back hurts.

This is stupid.

This is for X,Y,Z.

It did not work for so and so.

I can’t change my past and it’s my destiny to continue this way.

My whole family have done it like this, so I am continuing.

I will never be an athlete.

I will never lose weight.

I can never be employed.

I’ve always been fat.

It’s genetic.

I only attract bad luck.

I did not have the right criteria, look, qualifications for that role, yes maybe true, but does not mean you can’t make your own or keep searching?

Most of us feel frustrated, stuck and exhausted most of the time in life. If we are truly vital and healthy, there would not be such a large disposition to recreational addictions such as sugar, drugs including medical, internet, TV, alcohol, shopping and sex.

When we are stuck in this state of self-belief, we are more likely to give up on our actual goal or dream. Most of us know what to do or what needs to be done in life, however we tend to fall short to fear of change and energy.

Change needs energy.

The three beliefs that I have witnessed both in myself and clients that keep us stuck are:

  1. Resources– Energy, time, knowledge, mentors, money and connections. We all know we will always do what we truly value, so understanding your core values and how they can work for you is essential.
  1. Skillset and tools– Maybe you don’t have the skillset as yet to be a blackbelt, a better parent, earn more money, be a better partner but you can acquire them through repetition and practice.
  1. Mindset– This is set of belief systems and assumptions that confirms and conforms your behaviour.

I hate to say it but the only thing standing between yourself and your dream is the same overplayed BULLS…T story you keep telling yourself. Remember what you focus on grows and when you do not have goals, dreams or purpose you will focus on problems, gossip, negativity, reactions in the body and mind and thoughts about other people.

We all know what we want but we get stuck in the belief system and why it is different for us. Yes, I agree, schooling, environment, parents, relatives and friends may all say this can’t or won’t be you, but I do believe we all have an inner warrior and huge potential mostly which has never been explored or pursued.

If you have the same thoughts, you make the same choices.

The same thoughts lead to

The same choices lead to

The same behaviours lead to

The same experiences lead to

The same emotions drive the same reaction

Have the same thoughts and get the same results. “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten”- Henry Ford

We can unlearn, regress and become and go beyond. Dr. Joe Dispenza calls this metacognition, which is recognising our thoughts and keeping us stuck.

Just because we think something, does not mean it’s true. We always prove ourselves right and align with our thoughts, but it does not mean this cannot change. Again, go to my top list and ask yourself what you are repeatedly saying that is keeping you in the same situation. For example you may not be the purple belt yet, but if you know the standard , you know what to aspire to, the problem will persist. As the saying goes, what you resist persists and usually gets worse in my experience. So get the job done or find someone who can assist you to get the job done!

When you persist in a problem and go to the other side of it, you will always get an insight. The other side holds a new experience, a new outcome or inspiration.

We criticize when we are ignorant. The qualities we dislike in others reflect the qualities we need to work on in ourselves.

So how about looking at the law of polarities, yin and yang, light and dark, hard and soft. There is no negative without positive.

So respond with:

“I can handle it – chunk it down”

“I have evolved and changed my body from where I was 12 months ago”

“I have more knowledge now”

“I have the ability”

“I know what to do”

Now here is the not so good news. Many people will not change. This is because there is that they see more benefit in staying where they are!

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