“A belief system can be as dangerous as it is helpful. It’s like a double-edged sword.” Paul Chek

We get stuck in  states of consciousness and this why so many of us are in fight-or-flight mode and fear change.

We think we are the consumer but infact we are being consumed.

Better the devil you know rather than the devil you don’t know, they said.

Our body always tells the truth and is constantly changing to enhance the ability to survive.

The truth of our bodies is that we’re under a tremendous amount of stress–some that’s within our control, some that’s not. This makes us reactive and takes us to lower levels of consciousness. We have the tools to deal with these problems, just we lack awareness and don’t always seek the right guidance in order to grow. Even when we recognise problems, we fear change and don’t want to stand or be called out.

Inner peace, relaxation and spiritual strength is a gift that is earned by discipline and repetition. One of the functions of the world out there is to heighten our cortisol and adrenal levels, that means pretty much to stress our cells out so we feel overwhelmed, lethargic, ill and plus we then crave escapism towards addictions including sugar, internet, drugs, alcohol, processed addictive food, shopping, sex and the list goes on. We think this is our relaxation, rest is what is what we crave at a subconscious level.

What Paul Chek is seeing right now is a tipping point.

“So what’s happening in my observation,” Paul says, “is that the world populace due to the destruction of the environment, due to the chemicals in the environment, due to the electromagnetic pollution, due to overstimulation, due to the lack of sleep, due to the manipulation of people’s biochemistry by medical drug use, … we’re going lower and lower into our levels of consciousness, which is putting us more and more in a fight or flight state, which is making us more and more reactive. Therefore, we’re not able to transcend to the higher levels of consciousness that are needed.”

We can see what’s happening in the world and can’t escape it. We are all aware of the turmoil happening in the world right now! What creates separation is fear, lack of communication, lack of understanding and disconnection from self.

As a disconnected person, you feel disconnected from the whole (of humanity) when you are disconnected you cannot feel, when you cannot feel, you cannot feel emotions, when you don’t feel, you don’t care about other people and what they are feeling.

But everyone in the world has a chance to participate and we have to do it, Paul Chek says. “Every human being has genius within it. We can use the same technology and the same level of brain power that got us in trouble to reverse it.”

The native Americans say that a society is lost when it loses five distinct traits:

  1. When did you stop singing – When did you stop bringing your voice forward, that is the moment you started to be self conscious and stopped using your voice. What happened to singing, chanting and prayer?
  2. When did you stop dancing – Or when did you stop moving your body?
  3. When did you stop telling stories – Our imagination is a way to move out of difficult times, yet we are glued to our phones and wifi.
  4. When did you stop being alone with yourself – People say they don’t have time to meditate, exercise, cook healthy etc. But we then externalise ourself, by what you do, not who you are and then go into a crisis when we can’t maintain the persona of the businessman, mother or athlete etc.
  5. When did you stop being in awe of the magic and mysteries of life– Intellectual people think they know what’s going on, yet don’t really know anything. We need balance between our right and left brain, neither dominance will help. Einstein “You can’t solve the problem form the same thinking that caused it

This is about doing the deeper work to heal our self’s, to heal patterns of trauma we carry and share with our children who model them. Its about acknowledging the past, respecting our ancestors but making new dreams, goals and legacy. Just because things have always been done a certain way, does not mean it’s right.

Only by doing this important work can we shift to a new place in universal consciousness and care enough to feel each other and work together to elevate consciousness in the world.

The world needs healing, not more politicians, not more dictators or power-hungry disconnected Men!

We are moving through a conscious shift that needs some support and community to navigate, this is why now more than ever we need to focus on structures and systems to enable us to grow.

What the world does need now are leaders, teachers, healers, guides, facilitators, shaman, alchemists and mentors.

“If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem.” Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes

The solution to every problem, lies in the problem itself. Look deeply!


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