‘90% of stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine’ Dr.K S

My definition of health is one who honours their body through movement, rest, nutrition and recreation and takes adult responsibility for their choices. Movement not only keeps a leaner figure, it reduces the risk of heart disease. It’s essential for transporting nutrients through the body and generates emotional stability and mental clarity. Breath and movement go together; when we restrict breath, we restrict brain cognition and function.

Our doctor movement is there to show us how to acquire more life force and how to truly move into action so that you can enjoy life and experience it to the full. To quote doctor Rangan Chattergee: “When you feel better, you live more”.

Over and over again I am astounded to find that the health of our leaders and many so-called therapists, doctors, physical and manual therapists are diminished. Our nutritionists and dieticians are largely obese. Our exercise professionals are often disguised as fit sick people with chronic problems. We are the sickest, fattest, most fatigued depressed people on the planet. Yet we have amazing computers, space stations, microwaves, CNN, ipods and 5G.

  • To quote Voltaire: “The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease”. This is of course not true for all cases. “The most important role of the physician is to help our patients put their bodies in the right environment to allow our innate mechanisms of self-healing achieve a state of equilibrium. Although this sounds unscientific, the body has an incredible ability to look after itself, and we can enhance with food and lifestyle”.
  • The things presented are from the research of science, plants based diets, chrono nutrition (defining what we eat), nutrigenics, sleep medicine, exercise physiology, inflammation & the microbiome.

Sadly, healthy people are getting harder and harder to find and emulate. We suffer from more disease and illness than our ancestors did. Western A prices’ book Physical Degeneration and Disease offers proof that before technology and consumerism reached native tribes there was far less disease and stress amongst them. In fact, many tribes in the late 1930s and late 1940s did not even have a work for cancer. Today in the UK, 450 die of cancer daily and in the USA 1500 a day (2004 nation centre for statistics).

Western A. Price wrote about a cook on a government boat who was an Austrailian aborigine. He had trained on a military craft as a dietician. Interestingly, the man who had trained as a “Whiteman’s Dietician” had lost all his teeth from tooth decay and pyorrhoea (nutritional and physical degeneration p181).

How are we so ill and why do our leaders deem movement and exercise as non-essential?  Over the course of history human beings have become more sedentary than ever. We no longer need to hunt and gather just to feed ourselves! Our jobs and careers require us to sit in front of computer screens all day. Daily life tends to keep us away from any kind of physical activity. Throw in a few lockdowns and this is recipe for long term disaster and sickness, dis-ease and injury.

If I say I will treat you to a movie or it’s my treat for lunch, it implies that it’s my turn to pay. If we go to get our haircut, a beauty treatment or even a sports massage, this suggest that someone else is giving us some form of treatment. We get the results with immediate effect. With exercise and movement, firstly we must have the motivation to show up, then we need the determination to complete the workout and finally we need the discipline to see the results. There is no instant gratification.

Our body is always a reflection of our choices. The pain doctor always shows up when something is not right, or something needs to change.

‘The health of the human nervous system is directly proportional to the health of the spine’ J.Edwards Md, PHD


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