Perhaps not as dynamic as the great Houdini, but enough to invoke question and change. We cannot change the past but we can change the present moment and our future.

Are you a victim or your history or a master of your destiny?

Becoming your most authentic self requires you to leave your mark on history as did the tribes and hunter gatherers. They did not fear rejection. An adult says, ‘I want to’, a child says, ‘I have to, should have or got to’.

Don’t look up or down at people but look across at people. You cannot see things as other people do. We must not choose the pedestal or the pit for others. Put your love into your heart and be present. The most magnificent you is YOU. You are GOD!

There is nothing missing in our lives. We just need to apply our inner wisdom to our form and excel and apply the tools that we all have.

In life we are constantly meeting different people from different backgrounds and conditioning. We perceive others as more intelligent, successful, socially interactive, attractive, spiritually aware, influential or the entire opposite. In other words we put them on a pedestal or in a pit. Every time we put someone else on a pedestal, we devalue ourselves. We exaggerate ourselves and others with pride. Or regress ourselves and others with shame.

The qualities that we hate, resent, despair, dislike in others is always a reflection of our own true self. Living in an authentic state really means to fall in love with oneself, to feel love and be appreciated. Our body and our behaviour always reflects our emotions and how we feel about ourself.

Establishing your own core values rather than live someone else’s is so important. Trying to live in someone else’s values will drive you mad. Dissolve all judgement and baggage and concentrate on yourself. We spend too much time and energy on low end gossip and other people ( Mainstream media or your family and friends, he , said, she said, he did ,she did).

Forget others and work on yourself. You cannot see something in others that you don’t have yourself. When we are infatuated, we are blind to the downsides. If we don’t take challenges on in life, there is no growth. Our physiology is driven by our sleep, breathing pattern, nutrition, movement, hydration and mindset.

Thomas Eddison worked with four principles

  • Never get discouraged if you fail. Learn from it. Keep trying.
  • Learn with both your head and hands.
  • Not everything of value in life comes from books-experience the world.
  • Never stop learning. Read the entire panorama of literature.

Living in authenticity is living by your core values. Your core values show every day in your daily habits, your bank balance and your body. Procrastination is not taking action and staying with the same story. The universe will keep giving you feedback in everyday life physically and symptomatically to guide you back to authenticity. The signs and symptoms will repeat and repeat even with maladies of the body and mind until you step up to a spiritual adult. This is why a healthy body is so important. Working with the four doctors: Dr.Quiet, Dr.Happy, Dr.Movement and Dr.Diet.

Resent life or be fascinated by life – You have those two choices. Occupy the space in your fore brain rather than your hind brain. Where your attention goes, your attention flows. If you cannot manage your emotions, you cannot expect to handle your money.

Prioritise your life with high value daily actions or low value daily habits.

Consumerism constantly sells us a fantasy. This only shows the success and the positive, but life should always have two sides – the ups and the downs. Stop living in your amygdala and run in your conscious brain. Rather than repeating that story of your 95% unconscious habits. Most of our reactions are coming from the hind brain and not powerful into our fore front(executive centre). This is why I ask you for a ‘win’, rather than ‘how are you’.

Maintain your authentic self by not living in fear of speaking your truth. This comes from fear of rejection, from not being one of the herd. There are always more advantages to change rather than drawbacks. We have a body, mind and soul. It is the mind that directs the body. As above so is below. If you don’t design a life you want, someone else will prioritise poor choices for you. Anyone running their own business will tell you this. Put energy into your assets and you will accumulate growth.

Keep looking at daily, weekly, monthly yearly goals. A goal is in time and space whereas having purpose is through time and space. When the voice on the inside becomes louder than the voice on the outside, no one can interfere. That way your vocation and vacation will have equal vitality and energy.

Create a vital, energetic body by living a ritual life. Why and who would not want to better their life??? The language that you speak reveals so much about you (spelling).

Socrates and Plato stated: “The unexamined life, for a human, is not worth living”, “the unexamined life” means people have no question, they never question the life, and they don’t want to know about the truth, and they don’t know who they are.

Most of us are extrinsically driven by consumerism. We go through Monday blues, Wednesday hump day and thank god it’s Friday. We then spend money on consumables that depreciate in value. Instead, blueprint your life. Living for fantasy means there is only pleasure and a fantasy is always equivalent to greatness. A goal will always have ups and downs we should expect a negative to oppose the positive.

Your life and your body will always demonstrate what is important to you.

What time and energy are you willing to invest into your future??

Be grateful and have gratitude. Take what’s on the way, rather than what’s in the way in life.

Either the world around you will run you or the voice and vison are so strong that it will empower you.


Dr.John Martinee

Thomas Eddison