Are you attracting what you want in your life? Such as a healthy body, good relationships, a fulfilling and purposeful life that enriches yourself and others?

The emotion anger is an important feedback loop that you can learn to train and harness so that you have mastery over your life. Human beings live by the laws of what is important to them. These habits are traits that we practice every day are called core values. These are things that are important to us. This is the hierarchy of what you feel inspired to fulfil the most, your objectives and missions. We learn what we are great at and what are mission is.

When someone or something interferes with what are core values stand for. We feel challenged, threatened and close down towards them. However we open up to the people that align with our belief systems.

All interactions will be friend or foe. We are inspired to do the things we like, but not the things we dislike. Our intrinsic values are easy and will be done at the drop of a hat. Our extrinsic values are going to need more effort to do. Hence when changing a diet of lifestyle habit we will hesitate and procrastinate.

If you expect others (friends and family) to match your values, you will always feel let down. For example you can always rely on me to have a high value for my work, education, exercise, sports, bio dynamic food and water. However expect me to put that effort, energy and expenditure into partying, eating processed or take away foods, drinking out and you will feel let down.

Human beings tend to be one sided in life. We feel emotions such as irritable, grouchy and irrational. This just stimulates the sympathetic side of the central nervous system, which is the fight or flight response. When we live like this our physiology changes physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This shows in the body as raising blood sugar levels, lowering of insulin, our internal gut, digestive system and colon don’t work optimally, and function is pushed into the periphery. Our jaw, posture and whole muscular skeletal system becomes tight. Our eyes become red and breath rate becomes fast.

This emotion anger is letting you know that you have unmet expectations. Every behaviour pattern that we experience serves a purpose. When we are angry and depressed the world is against us, we complain and moan about everyone and everything. Every time we point the finger at someone else, there are three pointing back at me.

What people say and what people do are two different things. People will always behave in their value system. If something else comes up that is more important in their value system, they will do that instead. Rather than judge they may be taking a greater opportunity. People’s behaviour is a reflection of where they are in life and how they are dealing with their circumstances.

Remember people live their life according to their values, NOT YOURS!

Unresolved emotions are stored in the body as physiological symptoms. This is nothing new and has been around since Chinese medicine and has gained popularity through functional medicine. Have you heard the quotes- ‘angry liver’ or ‘green with envy’??

Storing unconscious emotions shows up as stress, dis-ease, dis-function and many other maladies. We take on habits that sooth us in the short term but harm us long term. Remember illness is part of a feedback loop telling us that something needs to change or is not working optimally.

A 2017 research Russell and smith paper pointed out: “Frequent suppression (anger-in) and frequent expression (anger-out) of angry emotion have each been associated with a wide range of health complications, including cardiovascular disease (1, 2), respiratory illness and musculoskeletal problems (3), and pain disorders (4, 5). Anger-in and anger-out represent two broad styles of anger expression describing how people manage or regulate anger arousal (6). Despite close conceptual links between anger expression styles and anger experiences, few studies have examined their interplay in the daily lives of patients with chronic illness, for whom the dynamic regulation of anger experiences in daily life may play an important role in disease adjustment. The current study uses ecological momentary assessment (EMA) to examine these issues.” PMID: 26493555

The body and mind are one. Anger will affect our hormones, brain transmitters and even show up as an end product of poor lifestyle choices such as diabetes.

We blame our family, siblings, parents, relatives, partners and other people for the way we feel and react. Each time we do this it is us that suffers not them.

I can help you get a handle on your body, your pain and your emotions. Helping you to dissolve to what does not work and encouraging you to find a journey that works for you.

This requires a 50/50 relationship. Meaning you have to be accountable; you have to show up and do the work. You can feel more alive and cope with problems and people.

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