Here is my Dad at the Liverpool V Real Madrid match this Saturday, and what an adventure he had. He was one of the lucky ones to get into the stadium and to his seat.
Whatever you think of the Paris football match this Saturday. We all need each other. All gatherings whether large or small build tribe and community. Humans, because of necessity, evolved into social beings. Dependence, problem solving and co-operation with each other enhanced our ability to survive under harsh environmental circumstances. Although the survival threats of these circumstances have lessened in today’s world, people continue to have a need to affiliate with others. Indeed, the lack of such connections can lead to many problems, including loneliness, mental and physical ailments plus dis-ease.
In our advanced digital age, one of the prevalent concerns regarding the increasing emergence of loneliness is how we have become less caring of others. At one time, our very survival depended on trusting and supportive relationships. Fundamentally, it doesn’t matter how technologically sophisticated we become; emotional connectivity remains a core part of being human. We need each other—maybe not in the ways that characterized us evolutionarily, but for a need that remains essential for psychological survival.
Most of the time if there is an accident or incident in life, we will all rush to help each other. This is regardless of belief system, religion, colour, race, medical situation and status. We do not need to be told what to think, we need to learn how to think and then take action. Building small communities and tribes around the world are the next step. Not just to save the planet, but saving ourselves. The more disconnected we become form mother nature, the worse choices we make in life.
Getting your body pain free, in shape and sorting out mindset takes a lot of dedication. Having accountability from a coach and mentor that helps you grow and supports you, makes all the difference. We all need someone in life and having someone who is neutral to your family and problems makes all the difference.
Nisha “WeAllNeedEachOther”
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