It’s day 1 of my Garuda apparatus CPD training with James de Silva at HQ in St. Johns wood. I cannot say how much I have missed human interaction with other teachers and therapists over the past two years. It’s not just the mental aspect it’s the physical aspect of touch, banter and hands-on adjustments. You can see one of the moves we did today in the picture.
1. Touch – Receiving hands on adjustment by the ways of touch in adulthood helps to regulate sleep and digestion, builds your immune system, and helps fight infections. Physical contact is a basic human need with emotional, mental, and physical benefits. From the moment of birth, babies need to cling, suckle, and rest on caregivers. This practice forms the bonds at the heart of our familial social structure and is a key tool of survival.
2. Teamwork – Working with like-minded individuals brings people together (the bonding agent) and motivates them to rely on one another to get things done. Teamwork also makes progress easier (the lubrication) and allows the group to overcome obstacles that would have stymied an individual. Without teamwork, none of that would be possible.
3. Accountability- Having accountability to yourself and others takes you to another level. Let’s face it, change is difficult. Staying in your comfort zone stops growth. Making yourself uncomfortable by learning different skills upgrades your outlook, mindset and perspective in life. When you are accountable, you can’t just give up can you??
4. Peer-group – Your peer-group in life are everything. If you want to improve your job, body, income, learning, it’s always easier to do so when you mix with people who share the similar core values and are travelling in the same direction. This is not to say that peer groups who are not like minded are wrong. An example would be my running. If I always run with people who are slower than me, I stay slow. If I run with faster runners, I go faster.
5. Environment – Similar to the above “Your genes load the gun; the environment pulls the trigger”. Set yourself up to win, by putting your body and mind in the best place you can, and you will change (Epigenetics- Dr.Bruce Lipton).
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