This year has been up and down

It’s all a bit chaotic

Almost like I don’t know where to start

There’s a LOT of stuff out of our control right now

But when you LET GO of the need for control… life becomes A LOT easier and more effortless

When you are in  apace pf good health , you are less reactive……..


I’ve got 3 AMAZING strategies for you so that you become the best ever you for 2022

Let’s get to it…

1- If you are going to upgrade yourself and improve your life. What do you need to stop doing??

Listen, I have no problem with anyone that wants to drink, smoke, eat inflammatory foods, not exercise… it’s none of my business

BUT there’s a direct correlation to feelings of anxiety, low mood, depression, pain and overwhelm with what you put in your mouth and the choices that you make. You see it’s called the gut brain axis. Our mind is a direct reflection of our gut and our body is a result of our choices.

‘Our genes load the gun, the environment pulls the trigger’.

I mean, you can’t put diesel in a petrol engine and then wonder why it’s not working optimally

2-Get back to your NORMAL rituals and habits as much as you can
During this last year, many people did indeed, lose their health, whether its exercise, diet and lifestyle

One of the biggest reasons> The change in their schedule leading to UNCERTAINTY

And for some people? One of their highest needs is the need for certainty

Having your schedule thrown off can create that feeling

And when that happens.. it’s pretty easy to lose your health

In order for me to maintain my rituals I have accountability to someone else. So I am having PT, mindset and business coaching, furthering my teaching repertoire with various companies. It’s called investing in myself so that I can give more to others

3- Don’t expect YOU from anyone else
I’ll get straight in here >>

Other people will have different opinions to you
Other people will believe different things to you
Other people will behave differently to you


Expecting everyone to agree with you and ‘be like’ you

IS EXHAUSTING and the case of a LOT of suffering

4 – I know, I said 3.. but here’s a bonus
If you want to work with me more personally inside of my signature “12 week manage your spine program” or “CHEK” programs

Reply to this email with ‘pilates’ as the subject line and I’ll get you the details


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