So…you’ve found yourself around someone whining, complaining, bitching and moaning and…it’s annoying, right?

Usually a relation, friend or work colleague.

So you want to know what to do about it, how to handle what they are doing, but perhaps in a way that’s kind.

There will always be 99 problems? GET USED TO IT.

Human beings complain because they are in pain.

Being problem free in your life is IMPOSSIBLE. You can change that to: “I’M POSSIBLE with the right mindset.’

If you start making people wrong, labeling them as negative, ghosting them or rejecting them? You are part of the problem.

When you SOLVE problems, they CREATE another set of problems.

Therefore CHASING a ‘problem free’ life will make you MISERABLE.

In fact, AVOIDING problems will keep you stuck in a CONTINUOUS loop forever.

We’re happiest when we feel we’re MAKING PROGRESS, and making progress is SOLVING PROBLEMS.

That’s why human beings are designed to have PURPOSE, GOALS, DREAMS and LEGACY.

As Psychiatrist Jerry Welsh stated: “When you have a big enough dream, you don’t have a crisis.”

So to be happy, we need problems to SOLVE.

To be truly happy- find problems you CARE about that you enjoy having and enjoy solving.

Because they’re INEVITABLE anyway.

CARE more about SOLVING problems then you do about avoiding pain… and you’ll will get results.

So then, happiness then… is an ACTION, an ACTIVITY.

It’s a work in PROGRESS.

And there is no finish line.

Problems = progress AND progress = happiness

Once you start to get OUT of your head and get your plans and thoughts on paper, The worry and dread of negativity will start to ease. See,  taking action is always better than words!(And this often gets me flack from people who are stuck in the same body, same mindset and same conditions they called me with two years ago).  If you  don’t take ’ ADULT RESPONSIBILITY’ and take action, You are your own worst enemy. You stay in your position and your circumstances.It’s CREATED.

It’s a STATE.Which means that if you start to handle your PHYSIOLOGY (health, posture, breathing, sleep, hydration, nutrition etc), And you start to Handle where your ATTENTION goes (what you’re thinking about or focused), Then you start to change your STATE. What does ‘state’ mean? “The particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time.” The BEST part of that is:You CAN change your complaining and moaning!You just have to: A- BE WILLING. B- Know how.


Paul Mort correspondance