All pain is multi-factoral so its impossible for me to guess without accessing. However I have put together three simple steps that may help you on your journey.

  1. Traction and decompress the spine – Join face to face here on our 4 week flexible spine challenge, places left this Thursday at 5.30pm here:
  2. Reduce inflammation in the body. Women spend more on their hair and nails and men spend more on the cars then they do on their basic health. Work form the inside out, so look at your nutrition, water intake, breathing patterns, sleep, mindset and daily movement.
  3. Work out at home, try the seven day back care programme here:

Need something more thorough and targeted???? Take our 6 month Chek chronic pain programme with four hour assessment. This is for those who are ready to be active in the programme , not to be passive and a passenger. For more details click here:

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