Yesterday I presented at World Mental Health Day at Liverpool Central library. There were many exhibitors with a variety of backgrounds and solutions to problems. We cannot change all of our problems, but we can develop the tools to cope better in life and have better outcome solutions.

Anxiety and depression are the number one problem that chronic pain clients encounter. Regardless of what your malaise is. The foundation health principles are essential. After all, you cannot make healthy decisions from an unhealthy body. As above so is below. Tough to read I know.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” ―Chinese Proverb

Dealing with anxiety

Anxiety is when the sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive. Establish the foundations below and you will feel the difference.

1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water. This must be good quality filtered water. If buying shop water, Evian, Vital or Fiji is recommended. I use a filter water system at home. I do this because only 1% of the worlds water is actually drinkable.

2. Look at your medical drugs. Many medical drugs side effects are actually anxiety. If you are taking more than one drug, check what the combinations produce. You can check side effects on sites such as

3. Sleep is so underestimated. Our restorative repair is 10pm-2am and our neurological and hormonal repair is 2am-6am. If you are waking up in those times, you are not adequately replenishing your body. Missing sleep can add more stress to the body and stimulate an overload.

4.Clean your diet of preservatives, additives and colourings. In other words choose good quality seasonal whole foods or organic , rather than processed TV dinners and fizzy drinks. Many of clients opt for artificial sweeteners, the problem is that they disrupt the nervous system. If looking for one I recommend stevia, as this does not alter blood sugar levels.

5. Are you shallow breathing, waking up with a sore throat, perhaps snoring???? Mouth breathing can cause all of those symptoms and keeps the body in fight or flight. This makes it more susceptible to injury, illness and dis-ease. Try nose breathing instead, not only do the nares filter out pollutive particles but this method is likely to make the central nervous system parasympathetic meaning anabolic repair and restoration.

6. Eat and drink high quality trace minerals such as Celtic sea salt or high-quality unprocessed salt. So try a pinch of this salt in each litre of water. You should not be able to taste it.

7. Many foods or food combinations give negative reactions in the body, such as food and drugs, herbs and drugs, plus food with some spices. I tend to use metabolic typing for myself and clients and also the rotation diet. This rotation diet gives a variety in food groups enabling the body to change. Remember doing the same gets the same result.

8. Emotions- monitor your emotion, who, when and how are they triggered. The first step is awareness in all change.

Dealing with depression

Your inner and outer echo are everything. Your echo is the harmony of the body and mind working in synchronicity. Your echo is your energy, chemistry, hydration and food sources. Eating food substances that are rich in prana will develop the body to grow with balance. We must look at the soil in which are food grows, as this effects the micro-organisms plus the food chain that emerges.

Here is Paul Chek’s 1/2/3/4  steps to success that I use with clients.

1. One love – What or who do you love enough to change for??? Become clear on this as desire will produce change if you follow through. “When you have a big enough dream, you don’t have a crisis”. Gerry Welsh

2. Two forces – Yin and yang. There is no negative without positive. We need both in life. However to much yang activity promotes catabolic breakdown and dysregulation of our systems including hormones. E.g.: A prime example that I see in women is cortisol. Too much yin leaves us feeling lethargic and lazy. Ask yourself where am I out of balance???

3. Choices – Optimal is the best choice for both us and our dream team. Sub optimal is instant gratification and is a great teacher as long term it won’t serve us or our dream team and  the third choice is to do nothing, which is important till you have the right information so that you can make an informed choice. Doing nothing is fine until you can make an informed decision then you must take action. Knowledge is not power, but applying the knowledge is power.

4. The four doctors cannot work in isolation; they must work again in synchronicity with one another – that is Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Movement and Dr. Happy. All the four doctors are co-dependent on each other.

In a nutshell we need good core values in life to live as optimally as we can. The pain teacher will always show up when an area of the body needs more love and attention. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of survival we must have the basics in place to thrive, and that is food, water, safety, shelter and love.


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