According to Hippocrates, the father of medicine, “All disease begins in the gut.”  2,500 years later and he has been proven to be right! Each time I  am stopped by a charity worker raising money for alzeimers, cancer, depression, parkinson, autism and many more . I always ask them if they have heard of the gut -brain axis. 99% say NO , which tells me the information is not getting out there. We can raise as much money as we want to invest in more medical research and to find cures for all these things, but it is still treating symptoms and not root cause. Medical drugs are a must but where always meant for short term relief not long term use or reliance.

Our health services are excellent at helping us when we get sick , but not so good on educating on prevention. Food lobbies and pharmaceutical companies put alot of money into governments around the world, hence we rarely get educated on food, lifestyle and inflammation. The poorer quality our food and the more sugar and white devils (white carbs, white sugar) in our diet . The more the body is a nest for poor recovery or a breeding ground for cancer, depression, covid-19, arthritis, obesity, immune system disorders, autism, heart disease and so many more. This long term will have more strain on our healthcare system. Prevention is always better than cure.

It turns out that the body contains 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells and a vast majority of them are housed in the gut, or gastrointestinal system. The gut is mouth to anus. When functioning properly, this bacteria is a major proponent to our overall well being. It facilitates -communication for:

-Healthy immunity
-Energy production
-Mood management
-Food cravings
-Hormone production
-Digestive regularity
-And much more

For as powerful the gut is, it is equally fragile. Numerous factors disrupt the gut’s delicate balance and in turn, negatively affect our health. Some of these include excessive use of medications, chemical exposure, stress and a poor diet. More than 100 years ago, a man named George Porter Phillips made an interesting observation. His patients with depression were also suffering from severe constipation. But which one came first—the depression or the digestive issues? Phillips followed his instincts and worked on healing his patients’ gut to improve their mental health. And amazingly, it worked! Harvard recently published 13 studies confirming the gut as the root cause of mental deterioration. Meanwhile, researchers in Belgium found that those with depression were missing two species of gut microbes: Coprococcus and Dialister. One thing is starting to be clear. To heal our minds, we first need to heal our gut. Our behaviour is always a reflection of our gut-brain, this is not just for children its for adults too. But where do you begin? The gut is our foundation , our soil . The you damage the gut other symptoms are produced. Our brain hormones, immune symptoms are all made in the gut. Getting our diet right, is extremely hard.

Metabolic typing

Metabolic typing is not only about eating right for gene and body type , its about doing the right type of exercise to get optimal results for your gene and body type. As we see in the diagram below certain body types or combinations of body types will look in balance when they are eating right for their metabolic type. The body cannot tell the difference between a divorce and exercise. Stress at a cellular level is catabolic break down of tissues. Hence more cortisol, meaning weight gain rather than weight loss.

If you come to me with any sort of injury, illness or problem I will get you to fill in a large amount of paperwork involving metabolic typing. Metabolic typing looks at you the individual, so the macronutrient level of fats, proteins and carbohydrates required is correct. If you are coming from a place of good health you will have a strong immune system and be an example of how to live, rather than how not to live. If you feel tired or mentally slow after a meal you are not eating to your correct ratios. If you feel sleepy 30-60 minutes after a meal this is tell tale sign that you are eating the wrong types of food. The bottom line is this if we eat the right diet, the right foods  and the right nutrition that’s resides with our genes, the metabolic type will show you the way.

One of the biggest draw back in achieving our goals is time. However if we don’t allocate the time to be fit and well, we will lose time further down the line with GP/hospital/therapy appointments and queuing for pharmaceutical drugs. So the choice lies within our own hands, by taking account for ourselves. So we can optimise our weight, fight and prevent disease, increase energy and concentration, retain a youthful appearance instead of wasting tonnes of money on ineffective programs and products in general health by following metabolic typing and a balanced lifestyle.

“We are all interrelated.
We are cells in one gigantic whole.
What affects any part of that cellular structure, affects the whole, in one degree or another.
We must never forget this as it is one of the ancient and most profound philosophies.
We must always behave in the light of this Truth.”

Oneness – Dr.George King


Dr. Mercola’s – ‘Total Health Program: The Proven Plan to Prevent Disease, optimise weight and live longer”