The way behave, communicate and view things is based on our belief system. Judgments and beliefs have caused many wars over the years, much violence, much loss including deaths, and much regret.  We should always choose non violence in life when we are put under pressure. This applies to situations when we are NOT being violated or attacked.  When we fall into the category of fear and judgement. We are becoming aggressively violent with our thoughts, words, deeds and actions. This becomes are unconscious behaviour. Depression and stress are linked to excess glucocorticoid meaning pain perception will always feel more. You are three times more likely to catch a cold after a virus if you are chronically stressed.

The Stanford prison experiment –  We are big brother

I am sure most of you have heard of the Stanford prison experiment. Could this be what is happening now in 2020. Big brother is watching us everywhere. People in power are behaving in an unethical compassionate way.  The Stanford Prison Experiment demonstrates the powerful role that the situation can play in human behaviour. Because the guards were placed in a position of power, they began to behave in ways they would not usually act in their everyday lives or other situations. The prisoners, placed in a situation where they had no real control, became passive and depressed.

A very famous psychologist Philip Zimbardo and his colleagues set out to create an experiment in 1971 that looked at the impact of becoming a prisoner or prison guard. Known as the Stanford Prison Experiment, the study went on to become one of the best-known in psychology’s history.The researchers set up a mock prison in the basement of Stanford University’s psychology building and then selected 24 undergraduate students to play the roles of both prisoners and guards. The participants were chosen from a larger group of 70 volunteers because they had no criminal background, lacked psychological issues, and had no significant medical conditions. The volunteers agreed to participate during a one to two-week period in exchange for $15 a day.

Each cell held three prisoners and included three cots. Other rooms across from the cells were utilized for the jail guards and warden. One tiny space was designated as the solitary confinement room, and yet another small room served as the prison yard.The 24 volunteers were then randomly assigned to either the prisoner group or the guard group. Prisoners were to remain in the mock prison 24-hours a day during the study. Guards were assigned to work in three-man teams for eight-hour shifts. After each shift, guards were allowed to return to their homes until their next shift. Researchers were able to observe the behaviour of the prisoners and guards using hidden cameras and microphones.

While the Stanford Prison Experiment was originally slated to last 14 days, it had to be stopped after just six due to what was happening to the student participants. The guards became abusive, and the prisoners began to show signs of extreme stress and anxiety.While the prisoners and guards were allowed to interact in any way they wanted, the interactions were hostile or even dehumanizing. The guards began to behave in ways that were aggressive and abusive toward the prisoners while the prisoners became passive and depressed. Five of the prisoners began to experience severe negative emotions, including crying and acute anxiety and had to be released from the study early.

Even the researchers themselves began to lose sight of the reality of the situation. Zimbardo, who acted as the prison warden, overlooked the abusive behavior of the jail guards until graduate student Christina Maslach voiced objections to the conditions in the simulated prison and the morality of continuing the experiment.”Only a few people were able to resist the situational temptations to yield to power and dominance while maintaining some semblance of morality and decency; obviously, I was not among that noble class,” Zimbardo later wrote in his book The Lucifer Effect.2

Our make-up goes together with our genetic set up, habits, personality and the environment to which we have grown up in. This is linked in with the nature and nurture debate. Is human nature driven by genetic factors or environmental factors. As the saying goes: “Your genes load the gun, the environment pulls the trigger”. The mind and emotions directly affect gene activity, and since the mind is the source of a person’s lifestyle and behaviour, it directs one’s biological transformations.  Another quote: “As above so is below”. Self-awareness holds the key to this process of self-transformation.  We are always trying to keep ourselves busy and keep the mind and body distracted . This can be anything from internet, shopping, eating, exercising, smoking and the list goes on

Consciousness is invisibly reaching into the biochemistry of every moment of life. In your body, as in every cell, regulation is holistic, self-generated, self-organizing, and self-directed in concert with consciousness.Our behaviour is mostly unconscious competency, we want to make it conscious competency.

Darwin didn’t know about epigenetics and “soft inheritance.” Otherwise, he may have written a very different treatise, in which evolution wouldn’t solely result from random gene mutations. We are told that that the biology that our genes are our destiny. This has been proven incorrect. Dr. Rudolph Tanzi and Deepak Chopra like many others have mounting evidence on this. Yoga and meditation, for example, can trigger almost immediate responses in genetic activity. Exercise, a balanced diet, good sleep, and stress reduction—all well-known for improving bodily function—exert beneficial effects via our genes. The challenge therefore becomes not to live out the same lifestyle patterns to those we grew up with. Our parents lifestyle and behaviour can greatly contribute to turning our genecode up and down. We change our inner world by changing our outer world.

Any belief system is connected with survival. It’s our limbic, reptilian brain. We strive to pass on our genes to the next generation. Beside survival we have sub goals as well. For example, beliefs around sexuality and dating behaviour are meant to ensure the passing of an individual’s genes onto the next generation. Beliefs around effective decision-making, negotiation and business exist in order to help you achieve a certain status in the social hierarchy. Beliefs around dealing with things like uncertainty and anxiety exist in order to help you maintain mental health and so on and so forth. In other words, the sub-goals of your belief systems exist to ensure that you are capable of fulfilling certain needs that you have, whether that is related to fulfilling sexual desires, being secure, feeling loved, feeling a sense of belonging, or being able of developing your self-esteem. We can see clearly in Maslows triangle above , that the hierarchy of importance is clearly shown. Interestingly breathing is still number one on the triangle. Breath is life, without breath we cannot live.

So where did these sub goals come from? I am now going to challenge you on your belief system. When we were born we were No-thing and as Osho calls it had No-Mind. We had no ego. We had to develop ego in order to survive. Our beliefs and judgements are actually born out of slavery.  We need to understand the roots of slavery to understand where we are today.

Author Paul Leederteese has written the below. I have thrown this in to challenge your belief systems. Whether you agree or disagree, it’s all comes form our conditioning.

“When slavery first began, men were shackled and forced to work all day with the constant threat of the whip or some other form of torture and control.
In the past, slaves would naturally revolt and guards would sometimes die (guards did the dirty work of the corrupt authorities).
Slaves hated the Royalty who owned them, thus there was also risk that slaves could kill a member of the Royal Family if an opportunity arose. Many slaves would even kill themselves if they could, to avoid a freedomless, meaningless life.
Another problem was that the slaves would all eventually die, meaning they needed to be replaced, and since killing villages and other nations to take more slaves was never an easy task, other strategies had to be developed.
The Royal family put to work the smartest, most heartless minds to find ways of improving on the challenges associated with slavery.
One giant leap was made when the Elite realized that the children of villages and other nations were a golden opportunity.
The minds of all children, in psychological terms is referred to as a tabula rasa – ‘blank slate’. In other words, a child can be told anything and they will believe you. Children can be told that Santa Claus exists, or the Tooth Fairy, or the Bogeyman. They can be lied to easily.
Children can be taught that other races are ‘bad’. You can make up stories for creation itself, and children will believe every word. Humans are designed this way so that after birth they can learn about life from their parents – how to survive in this world.
However, children can be indoctrinated:
Told what to eat, and what not to eat.
What to drink, and what not to drink.
How to be happy (or not) and how to be healthy (or not).
What the purpose of life is.
What morals are.
What their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs are (or NOT taught).
What they should and shouldn’t be afraid of.
None of what a child is taught is based on its own life experience – its all beliefs.
Royalty came to understand that raising children to become slaves was far more efficient and safe, both for their guards and themselves.
This realization birthed the science of brainwashing and mind control, which has been evolving for centuries.
Children were abducted and then ‘raised’ by the Ruling Class. The children ultimately had no idea what really happened to their parents.
They learned what jobs they should perform – their ‘purpose in life’ was laid out for them. A template to live by. They were given enough food and shelter to fulfill their duties.
Once they became adults they began to fall in love with one another and started birthing new slaves – a perfect ‘slave-husbandry system’ had developed for the Royal Families who own them.
As decades and centuries passed, the number of slaves that Royalty owned grew larger, and the wealth and power of the Ruling Class became enormous – gained from the time and energy of their slaves.
With each generation, the slave system evolved and improved.
Some slaves were trained from childhood to become soldiers, others to become labourers, and others were put to work as farmers to feed the other slaves.
The health of most of the slaves would break down over time- it was never optimal because they never learned how to live themselves. They were overworked, ate lower quality food and water compared to their Rulers – they were never taught how to be fully human.
Many developed diseases.
Around 2000 years ago, a man woke up to the slave system – his name was Jesus Christ.
He began to teach the rest of the slaves that they were not of any less value than the Royal Elite – that all human beings were equal, and paradise existed right here on Earth.
The elite taught the slaves that when the Ruling Class walked through the streets, the people were to ‘bow down’ and kiss their feet. But Jesus would not bow down – he stood tall, with self-love, and he said to the Ruling Class, “You and I are no different – we are both Sons of God”.
Jesus taught the slaves to love themselves and to love one another – to NOT sacrifice themselves with endless, daily work.
Slaves quickly began to get healthier and happier, and stronger. Many slaves even began healing from diseases which they did not understand. Slaves began to think for themselves: to use their own mind.
The Ruling Class was furious – centuries of work to establish an efficient slave system was being dissolved.
The slaves had been led by the Elite to believe that disease was a normal part of life.
They were led to believe that life meant paying taxes, and to devote their lives to work.
But Jesus taught them how to celebrate life, to play more, to sing, dance, and to paint.
He taught them to cherish their bodies and their minds – as these were gifts from God.
Life should be full of joy and happiness, and they should feel nourished from within.
The slaves began caring less and less about work, and more and more about life itself; about nature, animals, love, family, and ultimately, freedom.
The Ruling Class’ perpetual consumption of resources (to expand their empire), declined.
They began to lose their power. They became desperate:
The number of slaves far outweighed the number of Ruling Class and their hired guards and soldiers… If the slaves woke up to the reality that they were slaves, they could easily overthrow the System and take back their lives, health, happiness, freedom and power. The Ruling Class would be dethroned.
The Royal Family had to do something about Jesus Christ, and quickly…
They decided to murder him as soon as possible, but had a hard time finding him, as many of the slaves loved him, hid him, and protected him.
The elite sat down at the round table with their most heartless, intelligent Elite, and colloborated to decide how to stop this man, from waking up more slaves. They thought and thought about how they could use the minds of thier slaves to eliminate Jesus Christ.
They realized that the only way to stop him was to turn Jesus’ own brethren – who he was saving – against him.
Thus dawned the birth of Propaganda.
The Ruling class created elaborate stories about Jesus Christ, and used unlimited wealth to have those stories reach the minds of every Slave across their kingdom as soon as possible.
They said Jesus “was charged with blasphemy for speaking sacriligiously about God”; they said Jesus ” hung out with prostitutes and half-breeds”; and they said “he made threats against the Temple”, and more.
The slaves were bombarded with propaganda on a daily basis. Day after day their minds were filled with lie’s – stories of atrocities about this wicked man named Jesus Christ. Most did not know Jesus personally.
More anger grew each day, and waves of violence began to surface amongst the slaves. The majority were convinced that this man by the name of Jesus Christ, needed to die.
Jesus was caught, tortured and murdered; staked to a cross for all to see.
As Jesus died , some of his last words were ” forgive them Father… they know not what they do…”
The slaves went back to work.. and the Elite held another round table mastermind meeting, to continue to refine their ‘system’.
This was the closest call ever in history, to the End of Slavery, almost accomplished, by just one man: Jesus Christ.
The ‘Royalty’ needed to refine and evolve their system, and they saw 3 problems:
1. They needed a way to reach the minds of every man, woman, and child very quickly, so that they could deliver continued belief systems based in fear, and stories of propaganda, at will.
2. They needed to ensure that their slaves maintained the belief that disease was a normal part of human life, and they needed to stop anyone from learning or teaching the Truth to the slaves.
3. They also needed to stop their slaves from teaching their children their own ideas and philosophies about life. Slave-indoctrination needed to be direct and continuous from as early an age as possible right into adult life.
They came up with 3 solutions:
1. They would build churches and have every man woman and child attend regularly, to be taught ‘the truth about life’ from a chosen representative who would dispense belief systems and propaganda, as needed.
The first propaganda stories told in these churches was that Jesus ‘sacrificed himself for our sins’, and that jesus was ‘crucified not murdered’ (propaganda specialists are careful with every word). Slaves were regularly reminded to be good and follow the rules, and if they misbehaved, they would go to hell.
As history proceeded, access to the minds of each slave improved by use of
the ‘News’paper, and then the ‘NEWS’ via radio and ultimately the ‘NEWS’ via television.
These technologies birthed the age of Marketing – the 2nd most advanced method of mind control, next to propaganda.
The Ruling Class learned how to profit from their slaves even further than before. Marketing can lead a human being to buy and eat poison, to drink poison, and to ‘buy happiness’.
Next came youtube and facebook, with an associated electronic device held in the hands of every man woman and child, that can recieve information from the ‘authorities’ moment to moment, and can also censor the Truth if it ever threatens their narrative.
2. To ensure disease remained ‘a normal part of life’, some slaves were raised to become ‘doctors’ who would ‘look after disease’ as it developed due to the nature of the slave system. Doctors would be trained to label symptoms of failing health due to poor food, dirty water, and excess stress from loss of freedom, as various kinds of ‘diseases’. Doctors would be taught to never ask any details about a persons life – how they eat, drink, sleep, their relationship or work life, degree of happiness or sense of freedom, etc because this would risk causing the slaves to want to change these ‘facts of life’. Instead, slaves would be given drugs only – to numb the pain, and the slaves would pay for their disease-care through taxes, deducted from their paycheck. Slaves would be taught from a young age to trust and rely on their doctor for health, and those slaves raised to become doctors would be taught they were the authority of health.
3. Lastly, the Elite would develop a ‘school system’ in which the children of slaves would be taken from their parents as early as possible and trained to always listen to ‘the authorities’, not their parents, and not their heart, intuition or gut instincts. This would stifle the ability of each slave to think independently, and instead to think dependently – to listen and repeat, listen and repeat. The children would grow to naturally trust their new parental figures who have replaced their real parents. Some of these children would be recruited to become the next generation of ‘ teachers’ to dispense each years established ‘curriculum’ of indoctrination.
2020 is a difficult year of clear vision – it is the Great Awakening; The Truth.
It is a time to let go of what’s immoral.
To let go of your ball and chain.
To shed false beliefs.
To eliminate the poisons in your life.
To wake up and change your world and our world, for the better.
2020 is the birth of a New, Healed Humanity. We have to STOP this:
– Childhood cancer and suicide has reached the highest numbers ever known.
– Each day 26,000 people die of cancer.
– Each day 46,000 people die of heart disease.
– Autism from propaganda-based vaccination is off the charts.
– Many people are infertile.
– Depression and anxiety is out of control.
– Addictions are around every corner…
– Every year, ‘infectious’ disease kills hundreds of thousands, and now we have billionaires successfully convincing (and forcing) us to pay for vaccines with our taxes.
– The list goes on.”
 If, over time, you are exposed to thoughts and beliefs that are in contradiction to your belief system, then there is a chance that eventually you will start to question some of your existing beliefs. You will become that of the belief system around you. Watch the cat starts to follow the rabbit behaviour.
Expose yourself to a completely different kind of environment. Join a community that is very different from what you are used to. Move to another country. Take on a job in a completely different field than you were trained in. Read books about a topic that you normally would’ve never touched. This will make you more open minded and you will start to question everything you hear, think and speak.


“Why zebras don’t get ulcers” – Robert M. Sapolsky

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