It is well known among the medical community that all disease starts with inflammation. A July 2020 research paper states that inflammatory disease is the biggest killer in the world.
“The prevalence of diseases associated with chronic inflammation is anticipated to increase persistently for the next 30 years in the United States. In 2000, nearly 125 million Americans were living with chronic conditions and 61 million (21%) had more than one. In recent estimates by Rand Corporation, in 2014 nearly 60% of Americans had at least one chronic condition, 42% had more than one and 12% of adults had 5 or more chronic conditions. Worldwide, 3 of 5 people die due to chronic inflammatory diseases like stroke, chronic respiratory diseases, heart disorders, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.” NCBI – Chronic inflammation July 2020
The 1980’s got people going low fat and counting calories. This is the worst thing ever, as it has left people with belief systems that all fat is bad. Remember the body will only crave sugar when it is protein and fat deficient. The majority of people that I am talking to are chronically inflammed and nutritionally deficient. Their food is not serving them, they have poor quality repair to exercise, chronic pain, poor energy, bad stools and the list goes on. The question I always ask is this:  Is what you’re doing actually working?  You should be an example of how to live rather than how not to live. Sadly many people who are giving medical advice during this pandemic have not advised on diet and lifestyle.

Are you eating the Standard Western Diet of Carbohydrates, Refined Sugars, Drinks, Additives and Preservatives?

So you’re in pain.  This can be anything from physical, mental and emotional. Functional medicine now tells us that even depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, joint pain and dementia are all linked to our gut microbiome and food.  90% of serotonin is produced in the gut, 60-70% of the immune system is in the gut. Even Hippprocrates told us that all disease starts in the colon.

About 15-20 years ago I was eating what I thought was healthy foods and would yo-yo from one diet club to another, without really getting long term results. It made me reliant on the diet club or product as that’s the best way to make money and keep the client for life. I was 20 pounds heavier than what I am now and boy did my knees, lower and upper back hurt, I was spraying potions and perfumes all the time.  I did not realise that this in itself is a sign of under/over functioning organs and the smell of our body reflects toxins in our body.  Read the organs and their smell article here.  I was working as a dance teacher and fitness instructor and was always ill, like many of my colleagues are now, until I discovered Paul Chek.

The Chek method is different, as in order to change any aspect of one’s life from smoking, to exercising to getting fit, one has to have a big enough dream to change for and a purpose. Wanting to be slim for that birthday, vacation, Christmas or a wedding just does not work long term in my experience.

 These are just a few quotes that people tell me,“But it’s our cheat day or treat day, it says low fat, low carb, protein rich, no sugar added, low cholesterol, it’s gluten free, it’s vegetarian, it’s vegan, it’s paleo, milk is good for us, it’s vegetable oil cooked, it’s our religion, it’s the banana diet and it worked for such and such and so and so…………”. Firstly really important to remember, it does not matter what food it is, but if it’s not close to it’s macro nutrient and is from a good source such as organic, seasonal, local farm and in it’s original form, you’re wasting your time and money and kidding yourself.

Secondly people tell me, “But I can’t afford to eat organic or locally farmed it’s too expensive, there are four or five of us to feed”. Yes very true but I suggest sourcing animal products (if you have them) organically and using the slow cooker and making your protein go far and getting lots of vegetables/phytonutrients from farm shops or Lidl, then there is an extra something I tell you to put in the water that you wash them with.

Then we have to look at where our money is going and why it’s not going on good quality food. The people who tell me this, women in particular, are wasting lots of time and money on all sorts of aesthetic treatments, potions and lotions, eating and drinking out, buying products to make them look and feel good from the outside in rather than inside out, plus takeaways or convenience food. The men are spending more on their cars than they do on the body. My answer is to the women :“Your skin, hair and nails are reflection of your gut and what’s going on inside the body. Start eating right for your metabolic type and carry out what the CHEK calls the six basic principles and the four doctors and you will fly.” My answer to the men is: “Would you run your car on pond water?” 

“But I/We don’t have time”. Your quite right you won’t have time if you wasting time saying yes to everyone, watching trash TV, messing with the phone etc, etc.

“I’m too tired”- Correct you will be too tired as you have to eat right to think right, to sleep right to move right.

“The manger of Costco’s said there is no medical evidence to show the difference between commercially farmed and organic food, in fact the staff were put on a course.” My answer: “That’s brilliant, so they will be an example of how to live rather than how not to live, what do you think? I take it they have no illness, disease and have no inflammation and thoughts and thinking are coming from a place of good health (gut/brain barrier)?”

It’s genetic in my family, i’ll always be overweight,  I have this auto immune disease, I have this thyroid problem, have diabetes etc etc ……..” Functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, integrated medicine tells us: “True, our genes load the gun and environment pulls the trigger”, but we do have the ability to change a lot of our circumstances. Our genes don’t always function optimally and thus have symptoms. Epigenetics  tells us that our genes don’t control us, we and our environment around us effect the behaviour of our cells, thus effecting the genes. Dr. Robert Nado calls this Ecoelile. An ecoelile has adapted over a period of time to that environment it is in. Some genes are fixed such as eye colour, skin colour, hair etc. 

If what you are doing is working, why are you  currently inflamed, wasting lots of time and money queuing in doctors, hospital appointments, pharmaceutical drugs, buying all sorts of diets including juices, ready meals, drinks, bars which take the responsibility off you and you are still in pain?

This is painful to hear and I had to go through it myself. This is why I have a holistic approach to Pilates and Yoga as my experience after teaching and running studios for over 25 years is that you can have the best surgeon, best physio, chiropractor, GP, osteopath, be doing 8 hours of pilates, yoga, cross fit a day but if you’re not focusing and changing other aspects of life, you will continue to suffer, get worse, get better and then get ill again without solving the problem. Your’e making the same mistakes over and over again, with the same stinking thinking, hence the same results happen.

Anything ending with ‘IS’ is inflammation, whether this be arthristis, colitis or plantar fasciitis. Clients tell me this cannot be linked to diet and lifestyle, but how can this be?

BBC Dr.Chattergee tells us that we can make a lot of disease disappear and yes I believe his book as I have witnessed it for myself. As he says: “When we feel better, we live more”.


If we have two plates of food and one is commercial and processed (so convenience food) and the other is organic and seasonal, the organic food will be up-to 4 times more nutritious and 30% more calorie dense. Medical studies show that animals and humans will reach satiation quicker on better quality food. This is because the real food gives satiety, is nutrient rich, has variety and density. When we eat proper food we don’t feel hungry and don’t have to keep eating. As the saying goes “If you buy cheap, you buy twice. A diet which is protein and fat deficient will always crave sugar.

Our foods shape our emotions, how we feel, how react, they of course effect our blood sugars and can keep us in a state of sympathetic dominant which is also connected with the breathing.

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You may think you’re making some good decisions about the kinds of things you eat and drink, but going cheap on food and water doesn’t help you or your health. Expansion of the stomach and intestines does not mean healthy, it means the sugars and grains have had an inflammatory response. Stinking poops, stinking thoughts. I’m afraid it’s the gut brain and this goes back to the Egyptians.

So it is important to remember that one size does not fit all and there are other factors connected with pain. Want to find out more? Get in touch…

No I don’t sell juice fasts (have done that one in the last studio), quick fix diets, supplements, I educate the client on how to cook from scratch and make better choices.

I take everyone through metabolic typing and then there is no guess work.

This is not a quick fix and takes time.

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