Everyone is trying to work their way through life the best as they can. There is no wrong or right and we are all quick to judge others. When we judge, gossip, speak and communicate hurtfully of others it is actually a mirror reflection of how we feel and behave to ourselves. This behaviour comes from pain, fear and the unknown.  To the unprepared person, hard times are almost always devastating. They are not ready, cannot adapt and are easily taken apart by stress. To the prepared person, hard times are always an opportunity to grow. Even when faced with the harshest circumstances, they use them as challenges to grow and emerge stronger.

We always have a choice in how to react in what life throws us. We are co creators of our choices and outcomes and can chose to stay in victim mode or redirect the elements and ingredients. Every choice is about making a difference and being accountable for our decisions (survival archetypes). We must wake up together, learning from the experiences around us. We have all felt the effects of pain in our blood and bones. The power of choice is not only with our personal relationship with ourselves but also with everyone and everything around us including the planet. We need to heal and transform and not subscribe to collecting and hoarding more than necessary. The way we conduct ourselves enhances our lives and others. When we look outside the window, everything looks the same – but it’s not.   We can only go forwards not backwards.

 Yes, we’re facing hard times now, but we can all get “prepared” and that doesn’t mean stockpiling food or weapons. It means training our bodies and minds so that they are strong and resilient in the face of adversity. So how do you get resilient in the face of adversity? How do you build stability amidst the chaos?

Remember, 90% of life is invisible and energetic, coming from love and intelligence.  As the saying going: “10 % of life is what happens to you and 90% is what happens when you react to it”. Crisis can create a situation were we have to rely on creativity in a way we have not done before. Becoming more imaginative and inventive is thrust upon you at this time, in a way we have never imagined before, becoming yourself, finding new rules, new possibilities. Redefine, break barriers and think to yourself: “what could I do better or differently?”  We are all on a path in life.  Now imagine making that path wider and removing some safety nets such as taking off the roof of your house. Endless possibilities are upon you. The safe way is always the easy bet , the hard way is fear and going into the unknown.

Every day we will awaken to life and awakening is a journey of self excavation. Power is the fundamental  ingredient. You can say to yourself, I am either powerless or powerful. It’s our response and reaction: power, co creation  and transformation. We can create the results we want by being accountable for everything we do and chose. The more conscious we become, the more assistance we get from ourselves to help others and help ourselves.


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