So for every Pilates session I teach, I ask one of my favourite golden questions….
The question is:
“What’s your biggest win this week?”
I LOVE to ask that question every day and I go over the three biggest wins of the day with my partner each night
See, I find excitement intoxicating and energising. I’m therefore focusing on the things that went right, rather than the things that did not meet my expectations
And the thing is?
ANYONE can create an exciting life, but we cannot if we are not coming from a place of good health. If we are intoxicated with the news and mainstream media. If we are consuming poor quality food, hydration, sleep, breathing, movement and thoughts.  In fact it becomes more difficult. Our quality of our thoughts comes from the quality of our mindset. We cannot expect everyone to live up to our expectations. When people don’t , it is us that suffer, not them.
I get some beautiful answers and others cannot even think of an answer.
But here’s the thing…
And this is CRITICAL
You CANNOT allow what somebody else does and doesn’t do…
Dictate how you feel……..
Because the truth is?
No one can dictate how you feel…It’s our reaction and perception to the situation. You are the navigator of your future and your life
Focus on what you CAN do
Not what you CANT
Do that, my friend
And you’ll live an EXHILIRATING life, one that is not full of scarcity, rejection, blame, guilt, anger, jealousy and shame.
But (and its a big one) ONLY IF YOU’RE WILLING
It’s a choice. A decision
Let go………………………………………….
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