So here it is,
If you’ve spent the past 24 hours ‘wondering’
if I’ll be offering any kind of discount on my famous ‘apparatus’ sessions,
then I’m going to tell you now,
that I wont be.
but here’s the thing….
whilst everyone else is offering discounts
I have absolutely NO intention of doing so
because I offer a very valuable service to my clients…
a service that has the power to change lives
and impact future generations
The second I start competing on price…
or offering discounts
I cheapen what I do…
and everything I stand for.
Not only that, but discounts tend to attract the wrong kind of clients
Don’t believe me?
watch the news tonight…
and take note of how these people behave…
all for the sake of saving a few quid….
on some own brand supermarket TV that they don’t even want
( or need )
I don’t know about you my mate..
but I would never work with that type of client
( they’d be a terrible fit for my programmes )
so ye, like I said earlier….
if you’re a bargain hunter…
that’s cool
but I don’t have anything to offer you today
Nisha  ‘Black Friday’ Pilates
PS – The deadline to sign up to my last,
famous, ‘Pilates & mindset’ 21 day challenge of the year
is Sunday 2nd January 2022.
If you would like one of the exclusive places,
respond back with ‘women only’ and I’ll get you all the details