Banish your backpain forever

Banish your backpain forever

Banish your backpain forever

If you are aged 40–55 years old and have had chronic back pain for longer than one year. This tells me that what you are presently doing, taking, thinking, being is not working. If we repeat the same behaviour, we get the same results. Life is harder than ever before and we are loaded with more stress (nutritionally, chemically, electronically, physically, thermally, psychic and mentally) and longer days. The body is very intelligent and will always keep talking to us, the same as the planet. If we don’t listen we end up with more chronic pain, nothing changes. We simply end up going to the frying pan straight from the fire, going from therapist and medical practitioner and vice versa.

The way we look at the human body is changing. The book: “Molecules of emotion’, by Candice Pert reminds us that the church took ownership of the spirit, mental and emotional and scientists took the human body for cadaveric purposes. Hence our philosophy of always treating symptoms and not root cause. If we look at the analogy of a car, if we leave one part of the car in a state of disrepair, it will effect the whole functioning and operation of the car on the road. We have a habit of separating the psyche with the human body. As medical school professor, research scientist Dr.Bruce Lipton tells us that our DNA genetics determination is untrue. His book: ‘The biology of beliefs’, demonstrates how all the cells of your body are affected by your thoughts, and he discusses how to change your thoughts and thereby alter your health and your life for the better.

We develop from in utero to infants to adulthood through what’s called primal patterns. This was first introduced to me through Paul Chek. Infants learn how to move using sensory awareness, so feeling the surrounding around then and moulding to that in order to move. The sensory motor skills that an infant learns by tumbling, rolling, reaching, pulling, ceiling, squatting and lunging are front to back, left side form right side and upper body to lower body.

Linda Hartley’s book: “Wisdom of the body moving – An introduction to body-mind centerings, tells us that a impediment or breech in any of the natural development stages leads to deficiency in body alignment, movement, perception, sequencing, organisation, memory or creativity. These problems can show up at any stage in child to adult life and usually show up as poor posture, poor movement skills, visceral problems, hormonal problems, adrenal problems and mental/emotional problems.

So what does this all have to do with chronic pain and healing. Well firstly most of us are looking for someone to fix us, this does not always solve the problem and keeps us reliant on the person, medication, product, therapy to succeed. If we can find someone who can help guide us and give us the information and tools to heal ourselves we then have the ability to not only become the best person ever in life but to pass that onto others. As a coach and therapist I steer the boat and am a guide but not a healer for the client. I give the client as much information as possible so that they can take adult responsibility and not continue to play the child and pas step blame to others.

Society’s outdated view of body

The general way we assess a functional, healthy body is outdated. Normal is a long way from optimal. Most of exist in what is called a conflicted body and mind, meaning when we are presented with the options to change we cannot and will not. Our beliefs hold us back. Remember 96% of our behaviour, thoughts and beliefs come form are unconscious, only 4-5% of our conditioning is conscious, hence its easy to fall back into bad habits and difficult to change. Providing there is motive for change, change can happen quickly. Once we start to see and feel change in the body this aids our retention and we are more likely to stick with the program. Did you know our body reflects our inner state of mind. One who has the ability to cultivate the outside world and freely move through it will produce the optimal body. In todays life our social cultural environment is terribly conflicted and very few religious systems have trained the body, emotions and mind. Being sick, tired and ill is the new norm. We are doped and drugged out with passive main stream media, pharmaceutical drugs, poor quality inflammatory foods and dictatorship by our governments who’s interests have been bought out by big industrial companies with only money as their first interest, not the health of the people or longevity of the planet.

We all have a unique set of genetic heritage, how we express ourselves is the ego. Any individual that is exposed to more more ideas for the mind, without training for the rest of the body being developed and exposed is sure to experience stress. We can see this now.


Dr. Bruce Lipton – “Biology of beliefs”

Candice Pert – “Molecules of emotion”

Chek Pratitioner 1 manual- Paul Chek

About the Author:

Nisha is a certified level 3 Chek practitioner and holistic lifestyle coach specialising in Pilates and Yoga. Her journey started when a visiting Laban teacher introduced her to Pilates at Dance College in a contemporary class during her first year. Its effects were forgotten but she then re-discovered Pilates through Michael King eleven years later whilst running her dance school. Her background spans over 32 years with formal training in classical ballet, modern dance, tap, national choreography, stage production and theatre. Her formation includes Pilates, Thai bodywork, Yoga, GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS, Garuda and anatomical studies. Her particular interest is fascia, and the connective lines and movement patterns that allow a full moving structure rather than the isolation of bones and muscles. Her fascination with questioning the traditions of modern medicine and fascination with searching for meaningful answers has taken her in many different directions and has offered her an abundance of opportunities gaining a wealth of knowledge. “I tried many movement modalities and extended my search after experiencing fascia, because of its connection of movement. Quickly, I noticed my own body changing, as well as the bodies of my own clients. In the last 32 years of teaching I’ve developed my own movement and lifestyle philosophy". Throughout her studies Nisha has done numerous dissections with Julian Baker, Mel Cash and Cery Davies and has the opportunity to take lectures and courses from James de Silva, Robert Schleip, Joanne Avison, Tom Myers, Matt Wallden, Leigh Brandon, Emma Lane, Gary Carter, Paul Chek, Dan Hellman, Peter Blackaby plus many more. Nisha's teaching method promotes reflective self-discovery and provides the requirements to integrate a shift in consciousness for attaining individual goals. Nisha teaches in her own studios in St. Helens and Manchester, plus she also has an online following. Throughout her career she has also taught Sting, Sir Ian McKellen, Cirque de Soleil, Will Young and Belinda Carlisle. She has also worked in professional football and both Rugby League and Union for over 20 years. Players she has provided a specific program for were former Manchester Citys Vincent Kompany, Everton's Steven Pinnear and goal keeper Jonas Lossi. She maintains that an attitude of compassion, consistency and joyous humour are excellent components to growth and expanded potential. She welcomes all level of movers from the beginner to the seasoned athlete who have a desire to increase their skill potential, also teachers and students. Her specialties include assisting post rehabilitative back pain individuals, injury prevention for athletes and spine health for everyday people.


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