As we enter 2023 once again it is that annual moment were your past and future arrows meet in time. A time to question your life, your habits, your core values, your choices, your relationships with the self and others. We make endless New year resolutions, only to fade away a few days, weeks or months later. This is because these goals are not in line with your core values.
Last night I attended yet another full power cacao event with Manchester Yogi Liam Browne. A heart opening ceremony with ancient plant medicine (cacao) to rediscover connection, healing and inner wisdom. If you have not heard of cocoa ceremonies, they are sweeping the UK by storm.
The cacao tree is native to tropical regions in Central and South America, and its fruit was consumed by pre-Columbian cultures like the Mayans over 4,000 years ago. “Cacao” originates from the Olmec word “ka-ka-w,” and Aztec ruler Moctezuma II famously enjoyed drinking a frothy, bitter beverage made from ground cacao seeds called xocōlātl.
Cacoa is different from coco, because cacao is the raw, unprocessed version of cocoa. Both can benefit your health, but it’s best to stick to either the raw version, cacao, or a chocolate product that has a high chocolate liquor content. Raw cacao can take some getting used to. It tastes a little different than cocoa products and can be slightly bitter. The ceremonies use cacao in the form of drinking chocolate. It is known as the medicine of the gods.
Liam Browne is an extraordinary man with an inspiring story. Liam shows very clearly the power of your beliefs. He changed from a drug dealing, drug taking, football mad larger lout to a poet, writer, yoga teacher and to a spiritual coach and festival entrepreneur. Liam’s book ‘Dealer to healer’ outlines his journey how he changed his environment, habitat and belief system after the ignition from his mother’s death. He is NO longer living life in desperation but inspiration in what he is and does.
You see WE create and build the vast majority of the beliefs and barriers around us. They keep us from getting where we want to go and what we want in our lives. We blame others and get caught up in gossip, judgement, criticism and drama. The TV and media continue to feed us this and we thrive on soap opera and reality TV, rather than looking inwards at our own behaviour and family habits.
If you TRULY want things to transform our lives, we must take up the responsibility of an adult archetype. The child archetype gives so much energy to ‘out there’ challenges, obstacles, reasons and stories. The first step is to establish your core values. What is important to you in your life?
“You will know the TRUE teachers among you by their dedication to learning.
You will know the TRUE masters among you by their dedication to service.
You will know those of TRUE faith among you by their admission of doubt.
You will know the TRULY strong by their ability to show their weaknesses.
You will know the TRULY wise by their comfort in asking questions.
You will know the TRUE heroes by the admission of their fears.
You will know the TRULY joyful by the admission of their sadness.
In this thing called life, things are not always what they seem.
The miracles are nearly ALWAYS hidden in the mundane.
But they are there, nonetheless.
If you but look for them, you’ll see them.
In you x” – Dax Moy
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