The more people I talk to and clients that I meet, the more and more everyone is telling me how they don’t have time. The way life is now we are bombarded with a multitude of options and decisions every minute and we need to make wise choices for a healthy, wealthy lifestyle. Time cannot be managed but activities can. No matter where your from or what you do there are only seven days a week and 24 hours a day.


Interestingly including myself in the past, we all have had plenty of time to see various medical practitioners, queue at the drug store, make endless health appointments yet we still do not have time to actually look at ourselves. Most people who come to our clinics are suffering from pain, disease or injury. So now we reverse the time and energy into self investment.

To successfully manage your daily activities you need to be sure of what your goals and dreams are. New statistics quote that we waste 4.7 hours a day on TV, we waste time day dreaming , surfing social media, googling our medical conditions, gossiping at work and so on. No wander we don’t have the time to do the things we need to do.

My three top tips are :

  1. Be clear on what you want and need yourself
  2. Believe in yourself
  3. Take Action


One successful experience creates another. An unsuccessful dream results in minor results but then mounts up to major results or problems. We need to be healthy on the inside first (guts and organs), before we can be happy be productive on the outside. When we are depleted in the inside, its like driving a car all over town with no petrol.


images-103Every day should include working in time (and that can be just 20 mins), a good quality breakfast, a workout if we are ready. Remember working out at the correct time produces cortisol and this can protect against inflammation. Work out when we are already overloaded and its catabolic breakdown of connective tissues, poor or little sleep and injury and pain. Make time to sit down for family sharing at meals, take a break at work. Once we have gathered the energy and use your time correct you can then sit down to watch your favourite TV evening show.


“Eat,move and be healthy” – Paul Chek

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