Weight loss is big business. If you are on a diet right now, or trying to lose weight, there is a giant industry out there you should be familiar with. Remember if it says low fat or diet it means it’s nutritionally deficient and probably stuffed with additives, artificial sweeteners  and processed sources. Food replacements and pills are a million miles away from real food. If your trying to lose weight it’s not working, you need to look in depth at the limbic system.


Every day we are faced with choices and decisions, these facilitate pathways of habitual pattern in the body. A faulty mechanism in our lifestyle shows up as dysfunction and in alot of case this is weight gain. In life our perceptions are based on reality and childhood programming. Our interpretation of reality is what’s important to you as individual. Our daily programming is both mental and emotional choices. If your not losing weight this could be stress related and the body way of survival.


Rest & Relax

A large growing number of the population report adrenal fatigue symptoms . Adrenal fatigue will effect body fat levels. “When someone has adrenal fatigue, they are in state of mal-adaptation to stress. What is happening hormonally is that some of the master hormone pregnenolone, instead of making DHEA, which is the precursor to the sex hormones (testosterone and estrogens), which are also the growth and repair hormones, is being stolen to make progesterone. And Progesterone is a precursor to cortisol.

So if you think of the hormonal pathway as a dual carriageway. The growth and repair system is on the right and the stress pathway is on the left. Both lanes are fed by pregnenolone.During the normal state, the parasympathetic nervous system is dominant and Pregnenolone travels down the right-hand lane to make DHEA, which then makes testosterone and estrogen.


However, in a stressed state, the sympathetic nervous system is dominant and the pregnenolone travels down the left-hand lane to make progesterone, which then makes cortisol.This mechanism where pregnenolone is being stolen to make progesterone is known as pregnenolone steal. As more pregnenolone is being stolen to make progesterone, less pregnenolone is available to make DHEA.

With less DHEA available the body is less able to make the growth and repair hormones. With less growth and repair hormones it is much less likely that the body will be able to repair lean tissues such as muscle. So if someone’s goal is to add muscle mass or reducing fat, having chronic fatigue will make the job extremely difficult if not impossible.”  Lee Brandon, Bodychek 1

StressorDiagramWe have to feel how tired we are, how disreglated we are in order to make change and that is if we only respond correctly. Most of us will then precede to stay up late with artificial lights and will take stimulants to not only stay awake but to work out.  If we continue to use stimulants to keep going in life the body will show these up  as anxiety, depression, disease, gut health, flu, colds, parasite infection, fungal infection and many many more. A number of us will take a coffee or stimulant in order to go to the gym or just to keep going. Our internal/external stress mechanism can co create our near transmitters and hormones. Thus the stress response gives us the energy to continue and this is highly addictive. This would be known as Reactive behaviour.

Reactive Behaviour 

  1. Fight
  2. Flight
  3. Freeze
  4. Facade

So ask yourself?

  • Why am I REALLY staying up too late?
  • Why did I REALLY drink that cup of coffee on an empty stomach?
  • Why did I REALLY argue with my friend over something totally unimportant?

If you can answer those questions, it’s a good first step toward understanding why you do the things you do and finding some real solutions to your health problems. Start where you are as better results follow. There is no right or wrong simply direction. Remember the body is amazing at sending us messages form within to heal. Allopathic medicine is excellent at covering symptoms and enabling us to continue without looking at the route cause. We need to rest so we can heal.


We are definitely more efficient human beings when we rested, bright, clear level headed which means we get more work done. People always promote are long 45-60 hour working week, but my question would be s how efficient are we during those hours and we should work smart and hard together.

This is all linked with not losing weight and sustaining it off. My experience is that clients can be following every rule in the book but its the stressors and stress level which prevent the final weight loss. This can have other additions of hormone balance which are all inter linked.

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* Americans spend over $60,000,000,000 to lose weight, every year! That’s sixty billion dollars.

* Considering the fact that 75 million Americans are actively trying to lose weight, that’s $800 per person per year!

* About 3 billion dollars are spent on weight loss chains such as Weight Watchers.

* Diet pills and meal replacement solutions are a $3 billion market.

* Home delivery services for diet food, such as NutriSystem, are a $1 billion business.

* The bulk of the money is spent on foods advertised as “diet” (for example diet cola).

* 80 percent of dieters undertake the mission on their own, while 20 percent join a paid weight loss group or see a health professional.

* The typical dieter makes 4 attempts per year to try and lose weight. That’s pretty dismal, because it means at least 3 diets fail.

* Fads are part and parcel of diet industry. Memorable trends from recent years include the Dukan Diet, the banana diet, and the 17-Day Diet.

* If you think 60 billion dollars is a lot, it’s actually dwarfed by the $300 billion fast food industry and the $100 billion junk food industry.


“Eat, Move and be healthy” – Paul Chek

1 – Lee Brandon, Chek Faculty – Body Chek – 

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