Are you ready to change? Or are you waiting for things to return to normal? Of course we want to normalise, but what would have happened if we had carried on? The present experience that we are all sharing is a collective conscious event. If we choose to make better choices and the right decisions, life will actually be better in the end. We will be more mindful of healthcare, more mindful of the vulnerable. We can all heal and transform together.

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live”. – Jean Paul Satre

Transformation that I see in clients and also read and observe in others always happens after some sort of trauma.  A good place to start the journey of transformation and self discovery is to realise that we often have false ideas about ourselves and various expectations in life. If we just go back to the way things were, we have not been transformed. A fuller journey of your experience in life is now upon you. All of our choices need to be carefully chosen to avoid vulnerability, susceptibility and fear. A 16th century French author wrote : “my life has been full of tragedies, most of which never happened”. We live our life in what maybe called self-engendered anguish. While much physical pain in unavoidable in the short term, most psychological suffering  seems to be optional.

“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside”. Sri Raman Maharshi

What are your core values? What is important to you? This pandemic has definitely levelled the playing field. there is an opportunity to start fresh  in so many ways. Yes it’s frightening, but you have the ability to make so many new opportunities, decisions and choices that you never thought  you could. Your core values are reflected in your behaviour and your body. Our values need to reflect on how we are here for each other, in that we understand that we are all here for a short time on the planet. How do we contribute in love. As you are deeply reflecting, what is the person I need to be to go forward in the rest of my life.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look at your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens”. Carl Jung

How do  I live? Can I change from afraid of life to generous of the mind, heart and soul.  Can I evolve out of this? We can co create our reality.

We now have to go into deep reflection and ask:
  • What is it within myself that I need to transform, change and address?
  • What is the person I need to be as I go forward for the rest my life, do I want to stay in archetype survival mode?
  • Is there a part of me that, instead of being a hoarder and selfish, could be more generous?
  • Instead of being impatient, could I be a better listener, not so judgemental and have more empathy and compassion for others?
  • Instead of wanting to be first, can I embrace being second, can I help and encourage others and bring out the best in them?
What is it in you that needs transformation? There’s something in all of us that needs transformation, otherwise we wouldn’t need to be here now. Viktor Frankl’s existential vacuum phrase, asks us to reexamine our most cherished beliefs, expectations  and assumptions about life in general and human life in particular. Furthermore, “an unexamined life”, said Plato “is not worth living”. Observation and reflection makes it evident that without self knowledge and enquiry we will be constantly searching for fulfilment and happiness in the wrong places.
Who is  lost  –  A man who was booked to go on holiday wanted to buy some maps and a compass to navigate himself around the city. He walked past a  shop and saw in the window what appeared to be a compass.  He went into the shop and asked the shopkeeper to let him have a look. The shop keeper did and as the man opened the compass he was shocked to see what appeared to be a women’s makeup mirror on one side and a compass on the other. “What’s the rational behind this he asked ?” The shopkeeper explained: “This compass helps to find where one is lost, while the mirror helps to define who is lost”.



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