Certainly, you must be aware of the unique situation humanity finds itself in today: more doctors, scientists, therapists and advanced technology than ever in history – yet we are more unhealthy, unfit, even sicker than ever in history!

How can it be that we put men on the moon at will, fly sophisticated aeroplanes, make laser-guided missiles, have the ability to image your insides with incredible reproducibility and perform major surgery through a keyhole, yet last year alone, American pharmacies filled THREE BILLION prescriptions (1)? Do you realize that on average, that is one prescription for every man, woman and child in the US every single month (2)? It doesn’t have to be this way, it really doesn’t!

At the CHEK practitioner, people come from every walk of life. They usually come because, as they commonly say, “I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work!” or “I’m not getting the results and I’ve tried everything”.

I’m happy to tell you that I rarely fail to get very satisfying results for our clients, who suffer everything from sports injuries, inflammation, strokes to chronic fatigue and general idiopathic malaise, providing the client agrees to follow the CHEK protocol. I get so many enquiries from relatives for their families or friends for friends. However, a) the client has to be ready to take responsibility for themselves and b) be willing to change.  I will not take family or friends, this is a golden rule but can refer out to another practitioner.


The CHEK approach is simple, yet effective assessment methods to evaluate what we feel are important indicators of stress on your body systems. Once we identify the systems of the body and areas of your life where you need coaching, we begin with the foundation principles, regardless of your challenge. While you learn how to better manage your foundation principles, you are also directed to work with other experts in any given area necessary to balance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; or, your physical and energetic bodies. Let me share with you the system of analysis that we use to determine what you need to achieve health and vitality, regardless of your challenge.

The body is a complex living organism. It may be considered a cybernetic organism, or a system of systems. All body systems are interlinked and inseparable. Not only are our body systems interlinked and inseparable, we are interlinked and inseparable from our external environment, the ecosystem.

Stress is pretty much thought of as bad, yet to become and remain vital, we require manageable doses of a variety of stressors. The necessary stressors entering our bodies and our lives can be broken down into six major categories. Examples of useful stressors from each of the categories are as follows:

  • Physical: Optimal movement. Correct exercise methods in an optimal dose of volume and intensity for each person aids in keeping the body resilient.
  • Chemical: Our bodies have developed both the need for chemicals and systems to protect us against harmful chemicals. While there are a myriad of possible examples of good chemical stressors, consider that the small doses of harmful chemicals used by plants to protect themselves are beneficial to our bodies in the correct doses. Parasitic organisms produce harmful chemicals, yet research shows that in absence of stimulus from parasitic organisms and their chemicals, our immune systems would fail to develop adequately to protect us in most environments.
  • Electromagnetic: The sun is a very valuable form of electromagnetic (ELM) stress, yet you all know what happens if you get too much!
  • Psychic: While nobody enjoys the stress of an argument or being put into psychologically challenging situations, I think we can all agree that anyone protected from such situations would be psychologically underdeveloped and incapable of handling the world.
  • Nutrition: Eating unadulterated foodstuffs that are ideal in macronutrient proportion for your racial, ethnic and genetic roots affords an optimal nutritional stressor; the stress here being the work of eating, digesting, assimilating, metabolizing and eliminating the foodstuffs and the nutrients contained therein.
  • Thermal: Our bodies are very temperature sensitive, like any living organism’s body. Exposure to variances in temperature helps our body become more dynamic and better able to adapt to a variety of seasons and environments.


When we are predominantly exposed to physiological or beneficial stressors, we maintain homeostasis, a fancy word for balance. The healthy body will also have a high capacity for allostasis, or the ability to bounce back to balance after exposure to an excess dose of any given stressor. For example, if you go to the gym and work out, you break down tissue, creating inflammation, placing heavy demands on the thermo-regulatory system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, nervous system, etc. The stress of the workout temporarily throws your body out of balance. If your body is healthy, you bounce back (allostasis) to balance (homeostasis) in short order. The healthier your body, the faster you bounce back from any given stressor. Looked at another way, the healthier the body (here meaning the physical–emotional–mental–spiritual being), the greater the stressor or number of stressors it takes to push you out of balance. Ever had problems recovering from a workout, travel, a divorce, job loss. The more inbalance we are the better we have the facility to deal with the situations. If you want your tomato plant to grow big juicy tomatoes would you feed it poor quality food? No, you would feed it the best food you could to produce the best veg.

The more stress you accumulate, the more symptomatic you become and the closer to death, or out of chilife-force energy – you become. Needless to say, your tolerance for exercise, yet another form of stress in most cases, is reduced in proportion to the level of overall stress that you experience at any given time. This is why so many people have bad reactions to exercise, such as feeling worse, perpetual soreness or simply not getting results.

Is this a quick fix or an easy ride, most certainly not but how much time would you have on your hands if you were not wasting your time chasing your symptoms and looking at the body as a whole. People will give more time to their car, clothes, nails, and hair and put maintaining equilibrium in their body last.