Our life is a printout of our unconscious. 95% of life comes from our unconscious programming, only 5% conscious programming. We can change ourselves by changing our environment.

Our five key areas are:

  1. Health/diet
  2. Relationships
  3. Careers
  4. Mindset
  5. Impact/life purpose

Human beings are each designed to enrich the planet and tribe. In rural tribes and communities if someone did not contribute, they would be seen as being too weak and the tribe would kill them. Of course we do not want that behaviour, but we want to develop ourselves emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally so that we can create a better world.

This is easier said than done. What works best for you? How can we introduce new habits and make them stick. If we can make brushing our teeth a habit, we can certainly make other habits stick. When we adopt new habits, it’s the person we become that is important. We need to be accountable for the self and take adult responsibility. In the words of Ken Willbur: “Wake up, grow up and show up”. If we plant a seed in the desert and keep watering it, it will never grow. But plant a seed in the right soil and it will flourish. I know you know a dozen habits that you should be doing. Wouldn’t you like to be more focused, motivated and happy? If so I suggest the low media diet, stop messing with the phone, make your own story (tel a vision), allocate an hour each day for your social media and then that’s it, switch off your notifications, go out without your phone, you all know what I mean… When you let your own light shine, you give others permission to do so too.

I start the day with affirmations. The power of the mind has been well documented to change our genes. When you eat well, you will make better decisions and be able to problem solve a lot easier. Most people come to me to exercise, but 90% of getting in shape is diet and lifestyle related. The basics are cutting out sugar, gluten and processed foods. Only eat something that you know what the ingredients are.

Give gratitude daily, focus on what we have, rather than what we don’t have. This enables you to regain control over your emotions. Our qualities in life are determined by the qualities of our relationships. Giving joy and having connection in a relationship makes us more whole as a human being. Give and expect nothing in return in life. When we give, we attract high quality people into our life.

  1. What we do, shapes who we are.
  2. You are shaping yourself every minute of the day. Your thoughts and actions today help who you are tomorrow.
  3. The good news is we have the control, the confidence and the ability to reinvent ourselves into whatever we want.

Be accountable for your actions and change your conscious world. Again most of our behaviour and habits are unconscious. Are you sick and tired of being ill, bloated, overweight and not happy when you look in the mirror? Do you have a gym membership that you don’t use? When I coach people I firstly find people’s passion and purpose in life, then the other aspects, such as losing weight and getting fit, fall into place. By addressing your body, your’e addressing the mind as well. Once we develop the mind and body we have a better ability to give back to the world by adding value. Once we connect with the mind we have the ability to do great things in the world and become alive. What gets measured, gets accomplished. Tracking yourself keeps the new behaviour on the top of your mind.

Are you happy with who you are? When you wake up, how do you feel? It’s an amazing feeling to wake up rested with no aches and pains, no hip, knee or back pain.

Everything in life begins with a thought, then the thought becomes an action. When you eat and drink, drink something that gives you energy, eat the right thing and that will give you the right emotions. The body is the mind, as above so is below. Life is about exchanging ideas. Our body is a living indicator of the mind. As we know, abs are made in the kitchen. Our stomach only hurts and bloats when we eat the right thing for our body. Our body is constantly communicating with us.

Dr Michael Gregors book: “How not to die”, said our food effects our intelligence, rational thinking and relationships with ourself and others. 26% of the UK population are obese. In the USA 36% of are obese. You need to be accountable and take action, make good choices, avoid sugar and gluten and your belly will not bloat. 90% of the food we eat is of poor quality. 95 % of the population eats nutritionally poor food.

When we eat noodles, pasta and pizza the effects are to make us lethargic. The white carbs are converted to sugar in the body, the excess then produces more insulin. Insuline heightens diabetes. 96% of foods have added sugar in them such as fructose; we see this hidden in such things as beef jerky and peanuts.

Start your week by intermittent fasting for at leats three days in a 7 day week to give the gut and digestive system a break. Have one day a vegetarian day, one day a fish day, one day a meat day. When we reduce our meat content we reduce the carbon footprint on the plant. Dairy also effects our mucous, causing a lot of inflammatory issues such as asthma and also phlegm. Try cutting tea and coffee out at least one day a week. A thought for you: if your grandma did not cook it, you can’t pull it out of the ground, you can’t fish for it, catch it or pick it, then don’t eat it. Creating new habits makes it easier for the next new habit, and then the next one after that. We can improve multiple areas of our life at once.  Four key points to get the motivation for change are:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Journalling
  3. Breathing
  4. Diet/nutrition

It is easy to fall pray to distractions to avoid getting the jobs done. Chose a goal and create affirmations based on your goal. On rising be confident, focused and productive. If you eat right, you do not wake up feeling fat, sick and exhausted. Breathing exercises can change the state of your mind in one minute. Strengthen your relationship with yourself before strengthening your relationship with others.


We must move the body to stimulate the brain. Movement can stimulate the mind and create new neural pathways. If you push your body, you can push your mind. When you move your body , you can move your mind.  So our future will only be determined by our past if we let it.  So, change that story –  you can do it…  In others words:“wake up, grow up and show up” – Ken Wilber. Getting a coach or mentor will demand more of you than you do of yourself. We all have the tendency to stay in victim mode. Victim mode prevents us from becoming proactive and creating the life and body you want.


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