The United Nations predicts that this pandemic-induced recession could plunge as many as 420 million people into extreme poverty worldwide. 2020 has been an unprecedented year. Whatever you might think of the pandemic, there’s no denying that it has had a profound global impact. It’s been difficult to watch the struggles and growing pains we’ve been going through that are part and parcel of radical change and transformation. Stress related illness causes upto 90% of doctors visits. When we are stressed we produce more stress hormones like cortisol. Cortisol circulates in our blood stream and viscera, but when we are constantly in a state of fight or flight. Our blood vessels shut down making our periphery more dominant in order to run away from the tiger.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the ones most responsive to change” – Darwin

How do we move on? How can we keep on creating our best life in 2021?

These questions have been running through my mind lately. And as you can guess, I’m not too interested in dwelling on the challenges. But rather, figuring out how we can learn and grow from them. Ask yourself, have you taken a step back this year in your health, relationships and career?

Our life is a print out of our sub-conscious behaviour.  Our behaviour is coming from our sub conscious. Anything that is attracted into our life is attracted from our sub conscious. Knowledge is not power. People reel off numerous sources of information to me, but without having the ability to apply them, they become worthless. Remember applied knowledge is power. We can change through two ways: a) Hypnosis – which again is lack of responsibility as an adult. This is expecting someone else to change us or our circumstance without us doing the work. Or b) By building little habitual patterns over a period of time. It does not matter how slow we are to change. If we stick with the changes over a period of time we will soon see results.

Our subconscious programming happens from the age of 0-7 years old. We learn from the people, circumstances and things around us. It makes you wonder why we rush children to school so early in the UK!  In Sweden they let children do more kinaesthetic, athletic, movement and play type movement up-to the age of seven which develops the right brain (how to think). From seven onwards studying becomes more academic hence developing the left brain. Get the two the wrong way round and you end up with a nation who relies on a transactional analysis (parent-child) relationship, where we constantly wait for the answer from an authority figure and cannot problem solve or take responsibility as an adult, forever remaining a child.

Fear is the biggest motivator in our planet today. We can change our life by changing our programming, so that it will become our conscious behaviour. If we are not in awareness we will always blame others for the way we feel and our pain physically, mentally and emotionally. It is not our fault when we have lack of knowledge, but one we have knowledge, we have the ability to change the things and circumstances that we don’t like in ourselves plus the situation around us once we become aware. The biggest part of life is our community and tribe. This has somewhat died out this last year with the virus.  Change your thinking, express yourself, your desires and be your own authentic self. You cannot do this without having ‘Core values’.

Obesity, diabetes, and many other chronic diseases haven’t been on lockdown these past months. They’re continuing to grow. The deep problem here is that very few people are taught the basics of self-care—there’s little education about how to live and eat well and exercise correctly.We’ve lost our elders, our guides, and our connection with the earth, and so it’s become normal to be addicted to sugar, fast food, social media, etc. But deep down, we know this isn’t healthy.

A Holistic approach

We often find ourselves explaining—to our students and to others—what makes the Holistic Health approach better. This happens because most people are so used to the mainstream method of medical treatment that they have a hard time accepting anything else. You see, the great majority of coaches, therapists, and practitioners that work with the standard health system will treat the symptoms, not the cause. It’s the popular thing to do – it’s the easy thing to do. When there’s pain, they medicate it without going in-depth to find what’s at the root. This is the ethical way that most therapists and practitioners have been taught, it’s Louis Pasteur’s treat the terrain theory rather than Beauchamp’s treat the germ theory.

“Germs seek their natural habitat – diseased tissue – rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.” – Antoine Béchamp

When they do dare to look deeper, they look at it from a very limited perspective. If someone experiences migraines, the reflex is to look only at the brain…but those who work from a holistic perspective know that segmenting the body in this way is not a good practice. Instead, holistic practitioners take an integrated approach and look at everything that’s going on, inside and out. Everything is linked, and our problems can often come from the most unexpected places. This is just one of the things the CHEK method has learned in 30+ years of clinical work and research.  These 30+ years have helped us create a system that delivers results and coaches people to truly heal; it doesn’t mask the problems with medication.

I can help you have more energy, achieve your goals, have more confident, be productive and focused, lose weight and feel happy no matter what is going on in your life. Did you know that the lining of the digestive tract is replaced with a new lot of cells every three days. Our cells adjust to our environment around us.  This does not fit in with the conventional and mainstream narrative that we are taught. Science is great but can be biased depending on current trends, who is funding the studies etc. The big pharmaceutical companies run the show in the medical world. This is depicted in training our medics of today by funding universities, courses, projects and research papers.  The British Journal of Medicine conducted their own research of two groups  running an experiment. The first group were government funded, the second group were privately funded. The results showed that the manipulation of data was higher in studies sponsored by private funders. This was not the scientists necessarily lying, but favouring the company in order to receive more work or funding.

We talk about the mafia drug dealers of today. But did you know that 300,000 people die yearly worldwide from prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. When we talk about pandemics, the biggest pandemics seem to go on under the radar. Climate change is already responsible for another 300,000 deaths a year and is affecting 300m people, according to the first comprehensive study of the human impact of global warming.

Barabra Stocking, head of Oxfam said: “Adaptation efforts need to be scaled up dramatically.  The world’s poorest are the hardest hit, but they have done the least to cause it. Nobel peace prize winner Wangari Maathai, said: “Climate change is life or death. It is the new global battlefield. It is being presented as if it is the problem of the developed world. But it’s the developed world that has precipitated global warming.”

Economic losses due to climate change today amount to more than $125bn a year — more than all the present world aid. The report comes from former UN secretary general Kofi Annan’s thinktank, the Global Humanitarian Forum. By 2030, the report says, climate change could cost $600bn a year.

By 2030, civil unrest may also increase because of weather-related events, the report says: “Four billion people are vulnerable now and 500m are now at extreme risk. Weather-related disasters … bring hunger, disease, poverty and lost livelihoods. They pose a threat to social and political stability.”

If emissions are not brought under control, within 25 years, the report states:

• 310m more people will suffer adverse health consequences related to temperature increases

• 20m more people will fall into poverty

• 75m extra people will be displaced by climate change

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” – Hippocrates

But what is more important is working on the ‘terrain’, the body’s inner environment making it inhospitable to viruses, fungus and parasites etc. This is a life long endeavour and lifestyle but the fruits of your labour will be realised within a much shorter time.  Noticing you become resistant to the latest flu going round will prove to you that balancing your body chemistry to strengthen your immune system was worth making the effort.  The composition of our blood depicts the composition of our cells. Consciousness is actually the cell membrane. Our brain is a chemist, so if we change the picture, we can change our chemistry. How do you reduce inflammation so you are constantly not suffering? How do you remineralise the body so that it is replenished with the correct minerals and vitamins to create a good immune system, strong stomach acid, good working organs etc?

It was once thought that we were stuck with our genes. It is now known that we have the ability to change our DNA . Dr.Bruce Lipton introduced epigenetic in the 1970’s and was laughed at by his colleagues. It then became mainstream 20 years later. We live in the myth that our genes control our life. The word epigenetic can be broken down, where epi means above and genetic meaning control of the genes. So the above controls the genes, meaning our life, character, environment, where and how we live. There are technically only seven diseases caused by one gene, cerebral palsy being on of them. A typical cancer has between 12-14 genes. Dr. Bruce Lipton controversially states that we can create and uncreate our cancer. He goes on to say that genes make a physical body and our behaviour and blueprint are a consequence of our surroundings. This is a whole lecture in itself.

A controversial conclusion form Paul Leendertse

“Please read up on the terrain theory (which has billions of dollars working against it becoming known and understood by the masses). The virologist Lanka of Germany has proven a measles ‘virus’ does not even exist (wait, then what causes measles? Answer: poisoning – mostly from the vaccine for the measles). Polio was also caused by poisoning – insecticides, and the ‘vaccine’ to kill the ‘virus’ was the CAUSE of 2/3rds more polio cases, and the very maker of the polio vaccine himself made a public statement admitting this (Jonas Salk). Viruses and genetics are scapegoats for disease – two of the main strategies the Medical Cartel use to creates fear and dependency (and perpetual disease) so that people ask for drugs and treatments to be ‘saved’.  Although medical practitioners want to end disease and help their patients, the medical giants have no desire to end disease – only to keep dealing with symptoms of failing health, rather than root cause. The real cause of disease must be kept from the public at all costs to ensure the medical Cartel remains as one of the richest (and darkest) entities on planet earth. Please learn the hidden truths – don’t just listen to ‘authorities’, and forget about ‘trusting the science’. Most of Science is no longer about a search for the Truth – it’s about what ‘discoveries’ and ‘conclusions’ make the most money. You must truly want the Truth to find it. Take responsibility for your health and your freedom by taking your life into your own hands.” Paul Leedertese


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