If you thought pilates was just for women think again. Professional athletes have been using pilates, yoga and apparatus for years as part of their rehabilitation and pre-habilitation program. My first professional rugby league team was the ‘Saints’ (St.Helens) back in 1997. The strength and conditioning coach was Nigel Ashley Jones who had arrived from Australia with some new ideas. From then on, I was fortunate to follow through to Sale Sharks (Rugby Union) and many football teams along the way including my first one which was Oldham Athletics FC and then progressing to many others including Everton FC. I now see players privately at the studios for apparatus and travel to clubs to do group conditioning when requested.
When we are passionate about something it raises the bar for other teachers and studios. England FC has an outstanding Pilates teacher working with them called Suzanne Scott. Back in the day when we had Pilates conventions, Suzanne delivered the most amazing presentations of movement, sports and Pilates combined. The England FC squad have been working on Pilates apparatus including reformer, chair and ladder barrel plus doing group rehab as in the video below.
Following over a year of lockdowns, many pilates studios have either closed down or are on their last legs. I am eternally grateful to Suzanne for bringing awareness to this incredible movement method which will help teachers get their studios going and help them enter into the world of sport.
Whatever your opinions are on Football matches during COVID, the feelings of union, comradeship, joy, happiness and focus all help to boost the immune system, as we pull together and share a passion. (NCIB:  10.1177/0022146510383501)