Being tired should not be accepted as the norm.

Why is everyone so tired all the time? Why are my patients/clients knackered ? Why are my friends tired?

fatigue_wellbeingcomauTiredness shows up everyday in people, they show weakness and fatigue without any medical reason as such. This won’t show up on conventional medical tests or blood tests. This is what I call a lifestyle problem and the symptoms show up for no apparent reason. People can be so physically exhausted that they don’t get up for work in the morning. Needless to say the quality of life is reduced.




This is where integrated medicine comes in. It’s a common approach in the USA and Australia and is taught on some medical courses plus insurance companies accept it. In my experience all people who go into medicine want to help and heal people, however they are not always taught a holistic way of looking at a patient’s life. This has been brought to light very much on my cadaver courses as most medics never get the opportunity to see and utilise full body connections and work on full cadvers. They have part cadavers sections prepared for them so they never really have the experience of dissecting the full corpse and seeing its links.


“The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”. Thomas A Edison.


There is now a new train of functional medical practitioners popping up in the UK and around the world. Dr.Chattergee made this famous with the TV documentry ‘Doctor in the house’. Integrative medicine looks at the best of of eastern and western medicine and meets somewhere in the middle . It’s called whole-listic care. The absence of ill health and well being should be accepted as normal. Part of the holistic role is to study nutrition, fitness, stress, chemical inbalances , hormone inbalances, digestive health and toxity in the body.

As a CHEK practitioner my passion is to empower individuals to take control of their lives, to prevent illness and regenerate their health and toxicity in the body.

I can show you how small changes will empower you to take control of your health and be the best person that you can be.  If it was that simple men would all have six packs and women would all have flat abdominals. Is it as simple as drinking more water, managing stress and exercising?  Well, in the majority of cases that’s the best start until we reach blockages and then we have to dig a little deeper.

“No one should care more about your health than you do. You have to become the expert on you and YOU are the person responsible for your health”. Dr Sohere Roked

Yes, your GP and many other other health practitioners can guide you, but ultimately , the control lies with you and the choices you make. Now isn’t that empowering, are you making the right choices? Read my choices article here:

“Without assessing we are guessing” – Paul Chek


Now be really honest, I would like you to answer the following questions in your notebook.

  1. What three things would you like to change most about your health?
  2. What three things would you like to change most about your life?
  3. Are you aware of anything that you are currently doing that could be impacting your health on the lines of diet, exercise , stress, smoking and alcohol?
  4. What impact would the above have for you? How would it make you feel? How would it make things better?
  5. What sort of changes could you make that would ft in with your current lifestyle?
  6. What are your levels of stress, and why?
  7. How much do you exercise? What stops and motivates you?
  8. What is your diet like? What influence this?
  9. How do you think your current lifestyle will impact on your health when you are in old age?

To get the most out of working from me, you need to be 100% honest. Some of the questions may be hard to answer, so I would like you to take a week to really get clear on what and where you are in your current state of health and well being today. I suggest you write them down the first answers that you come up with and revisit them every day for 10-15 mins and see if they need adjusting, or if you come up with new ones.


When you feel empowered you are able to take control of your health and your well being. By taking the first step and responsibility, you are starting the journey of health you’ve always wanted. I am committed to helping my clients achieve the best health and energy they can possibly have using new and innovative tools and I am committed to supporting you on your journey.

It’s never too late to start the regeneration of your body, mind and spirit. Sometimes it seems like there is a big hill to climb that separates our current situation and the wellness we want to reach. Sometimes it seems likes there is a big hill to climb that separates our current situation and the wellness we want to reach. Its important to take one step at a time.


Think you need help? Email me free phone consultation on how I can help you reach your goals and get a healthier, happier, lifestyle.


“Eat, move and be healthy”- Paul Chek

“The tiredness cure” – Dr. Sohere Roked