We all make choices every day from what we eat, to what we do with our will power and who and what we wish to love.   Everything in the world around us is constantly changing, and with the process of change we have to make new choices. We are all on a path of navigation and trying to work our way through the best way we can.

“Health is taking responsibility for yourself”.

Our choices define what we believe in and what defines us. They define our values and what tribe we are in. By tribe I mean self responsible, we are drawn to or join another tribe of self-responsible similar people. If we are new to that tribe we will be drawn to its wise ones to follow their direction and guidance.


As most of you know if you come to me I teach you values of how to take responsibility for yourself, I no longer fix people but empower you with the knowledge and foundations to heal yourself. When we make healthy choices for ourselves we are happy with the universe and ourselves and we become guides for others as we help to heal the world around us.

Saying ‘yes’ means nothing without saying ‘no’.

Have you ever wandered why you keep having problems or always seem to suffer or be the victim? The people and the world around you just don’t seem to understand or support you?

Our social programming and childhood can affect our choices if we are unconscious of them. This means we will continue to act out the choices even if they cause more hurt and pain. The pattern that follows is a steam train of incidents and experiences but we do not want but does not seem to stop. Hence the saying, “Out of the frying pan into the fire”. If you have ever had an experience of living or working with an addict of any sort you will understand where I am coming from. An addict does not just mean drugs or alcohol it can be anything from running up the credit cards to over eating and existing on sugar.


There are three choices that we all make when approaching any sort of situation from healing our back pain, losing the weight, winning the race or achieving our goals.

  1. Optimal choices are only optimal because they produce the best possible result.
  2. Suboptimal choices produce stress, discomfort or more pain. They are essential for growth and development and you are unlikely to find any human being who has not experienced this e.g. we will never appreciate good health until we have been put of health. It’s the line of balance between homeostasis and alostatis. We become and develop who we are through suboptimal choices but the secret is to learn from them.
  3. Indifference or do nothing – This is very frustrating for me as a practitioner as I can see many clients taking this path. To do nothing simply halts life and evolution. Remember life is movement, I always remember Julio Hovarth (GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® Inventor) affirming this, “the cause of all disease is stagnation, regardless of mental, emotional or otherwise Therefore with a systemic and well calculated process, one can attain a natural aging without too much discomfort, indulging in the gift of life and in one’s body and dance free in the spirit.



Children that are raised with indifference can develop a break in the connection between their relationships, places and things and therefore love stops. Read my full article on Love here. Human beings are social creatures and when we become indifferent love stops and isolation occurs. Sadly this is a form of giving up and it usually hurts the indifferent individual as badly as those he and she is in a relationship with.


To conclude any relationship with persons, places or things whether it’s food or hydration, exercise, thinking, rest and ourselves breathing need to be observed and be in balance (yin and yang). Making changes takes a lot of energy and we need to be healthy in order to do so. We need a clearer mind to make optimal choices and we can then tackle those obstacles that stop us reaching our goals. Most people just want to be happy, now ask yourself…

  • Are you making the right food choices for your body?
  • Are you making the right food choices that aid in healing and reducing inflammation?
  • Or are you just eating whatever you want without much thought?

In order to achieve your dreams and goals you need to have clear message of what happiness is to yourself. The best way to clarify your dream is to decide whether you like to be an indoor or outdoor person. What do you love to do? Do you want to be working mornings, afternoons and evenings? If a genie appeared with Aladdin’s lamp what would the one wish be that you would ask for?


Now how committed are you on a scale of 1-10 to achieve it? With one being “Not Really“ and ten being fully committed, if you pick seven you may need to rethink.

My top three tips to make change are

  1. Drink more water
  2. Don’t eat packaged food, eat food rich in prana (life force, energy- seasonal, no hormones, organic, locally farmed and produced, leafy fresh greens, non pasteurized, homogenized, sterilized)
  3. Get moving!


Chek Exercise coach – Paul Chek